Cheapskate Handy Hints For the Outdoors – DIY Ideas 2020

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You should probably start developing the habit of saving all the jugs and soda cans that you initially thought were useless. They are not useless; you just need to think more deeply. These exact things can be used as handy hits, especially for the outdoors.

There are several ways to do that. You can use your milk jugs but cutting the bottom and placing them on the plants. This will prevent bugs from attacking your plants. You can use a normal hose and turn into a water dripping pipe or you can use a foam pipe as hedge trimmer sheath.

Cocktail caps are a perfect name for preventing bugs to enter into your drinks. Another great way to use used bottles is to grow plants directly on to them. It is very important for us to realize that instead of throwing away everything, we can always make some use out of it. It does not necessarily have to be expensive or can be as cheap as a water bottle.

Plastic water bottles work great for either gardening work or to save up some leftover chemicals. This is exactly why we bring to you 20 Cheapskate Handy Hints for the Outdoors.

20 Cheapskate Handy Hints For the Outdoors

1- Protecting plants with disposable jugs

2- Cocktail caps

3- Plant tag organizer

4- Direct watering bottle

5- No rust garden tools

6- Seed protector

7- Shop vacuum

8- Cardboard seed tubes

9- Wine cork fire starter

10- Micro greenhouse

11- Turning milk can to water plants


12- Noisy drip stopper

13- Handy branch hauler

14- Veggie washer

15- Shady flower shelf

16- Mowing in comfort

17- Citrus rind seed starter

18- Corral your clippings

19- DIY drip waterer

20- Garden sprayer labels