Characteristics of Destiny Number 5

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Destiny number 5 is a good number as it brings luck, happiness, wisdom, recognition, wealth, kindness and a change in life and work. You feel restlessness, if asked to perform the repetitive activities. The keywords associated with this number are individualism, kindness, adventure, miracle, travel, invention, unconditional love, and imagination.

Positive Characteristics

  • Keen learners, witty, charming, optimist and multi-talented.
  • Vigorous, physically strong and love to chase adventures.
  • You hate stable environment and always seek for a change.
  • You like travelling and exploring new destinations.
  • You are charitable and generous by nature.
  • You possess intense desire to excel in the chosen field.
  • Extrovert, risk takers and think about ‘today’ rather than ‘tomorrow’.
  • Have a good sense of humor.
  • People can’t feel bore in your company.

Negative Characteristics

  • Your life is directionless and due to this you may become impatient and discontent.
  • Poor at long term planning.
  • Lacks loyalty.
  • You change jobs frequently.
  • Irresponsible towards home.
  • You may be easily drawn to gambling, drugs, food, and alcoholism.
  • Never learn a lesson from mistakes.
  • You tend to spend more money than you actually make.
  • Self-centered and prefer to fulfill your own needs before those of others.

Confidence Boosting Situations: Inventive, exploring, discovering, curious

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Challenging Situations: Stressed, frugal, temperamental, greedy, uncaring, bored, and coveting

Lucky Professions- Research, salesperson, travel agent, telecom, banking, publishing, electronics, promoter, and advertising

Relationships- It’s not a big deal to fall in love for you. Therefore, before entering marriage, think cautiously! Indifferences with your life partner may lead to domestic disputes.

Health- Although, you are dynamic, energetic, and physically strong, your impulsiveness may lead to accidents. So, be careful! You may prone to insomnia, mental breakdown and skin problems. Do regular exercises and eat right kind of food.

Lucky Stone- Emerald

Lucky Color- Red and green

Compatibility with Other Numbers- You can get fine tuned with the destiny numbers 1, 3, 7, and 9.

Best Day- Wednesday


  • Search for a job that provides you with challenging tasks rather than repetitive activities.
  • Try to settle in one area to enhance your abilities and get success.
  • Don’t involve in several things simultaneously, otherwise you may fail to achieve the desired results.

Celebrities with Destiny Number 5



Angelina Jolie (4/6/1975)                         Andre Agassi (29/4/1970)


Issac Newton (25/12/1642)                     Jennifer Connelly (12/12/1970)