Characteristics of Destiny Number 3

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Spontaneity, charity, faith, passion, society, sensuality, and surprise are the keywords used for the people possessing destiny number 3. You have charming behavior and magnetic personality. You are a jack of all trades but master of none. You are blessed with artistic quality, superb instinct, and good imagination.

Positive Characteristics

  • Self-expressive, creative, giving souls, generous and optimistic.
  • You are good listeners and possess charismatic personality.
  • You don’t bother about tomorrow and live life to the fullest.
  • You make people feel comfortable and that’s why followed by the people.
  • You own cheerfulness and a great sense of humor.
  • You want discipline and order in every work.
  • Possess hidden talents and expressiveness in speech.
  • You abhor obligations of any sort.

Negative Characteristics

  • You are not good with money.
  • You feel depression when your creative energy is not utilized properly.
  • You count on the appreciation of others rather than your own convictions about yourself.
  • Over ambitious.
  • You lack uniformity in your work. Due to this you will have to face various setbacks in your career.
  • Your sense of liberty makes you exceptionally proud.
  • You can simply acquire addictive conduct.
  • At times, you may be wasteful and overgenerous.

Confidence Boosting Situations: Gregarious, optimistic, caring, creative, social, worldly, and fun

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Challenging Situations: Manipulative, bragging, domineering, controlling, gossipy

Lucky Professions- Writer, jeweler, marketing, hairdresser, designer, tourism and travel, defense services, electronic media, sales and law

Relationships- You are a very romantic and lovable being. You love to participate in social activities and make new contacts. You have a large number of friends. Avoid jealousy; otherwise it will ruin your relationship.

Health- Avoid doing hard work, otherwise you may feel nervousness and uneasiness. In later part of your life, you may suffer from heart troubles and diabetes. Avoid oily and spicy eatables. Eat cloves, grapes, apples, almonds and peaches.

Lucky Stone- Yellow sapphire

Lucky Color- Purple

Compatibility with Other Numbers- You get well along with the people having destiny numbers 3, 6, or 9.

Best Day- Thursday


  • Stay open-minded.
  • Give priority to essential things.
  • Avoid reckless spending. It may lead to financial crisis.
  • Your outspokenness may create problems for you. So, be cautious!

Celebrities with Destiny Number 3


Katy Perry (25/10/1984)                               Jackie Chan (7/4/1954)



Maria Sharapova (19/4/1987)                     Charles Dickens (7/2/1812)