Characteristics of Destiny Number 2

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“Every man has his own destiny; the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him.”

Henry Miller

The keywords used for the people having destiny number 2 are devotion, soul mates, balance, flexibility, grace, mediation, love, obedience, indecisive, harmony, and adaptability.

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Positive Characteristics

  • Cooperative, thoughtful and considerate.
  • Handle complex conditions with elegance.
  • Peace loving and acts as an intermediary in any squabble.
  • Manage relationships in the best manner.
  • Honest, loyal, and good listeners.
  • Strong intuition and ability to read the mind of others.
  • Gentle, sensitive, and good companion.
  • Always see the best in others.
  • Love to work in groups.
  • Excellent lover or friend.

Negative Characteristics

  • Shy and oversensitive.
  • Avoid confrontation because of fear of getting hurt.
  • Hold back their views and opinions.
  • Dependent on others.
  • They do everything twice.
  • Low efficiency and rarely reaches to their goal at the first time.

Confidence Boosting Situations: Social, honest, compassionate, caring, and receptive

Challenging Situations: Chaotic, isolation, wavering and depressed

Lucky Profession- Music, arts, counselors, writers, poets, dancers, actors, philosophers, doctors, or psychologists.

Relationships- You respect relationships and it’s crucial for you. Your world is incomplete without friends and family. You are wholeheartedly devoted to domestic affairs. You are a true lover.

Health- Don’t be so sensitive and emotional that it affects your health in a negative way. You may get prone to blood disorders and problems related to digestion and stomach. Do some physical activities, like yoga, and play games, like golf, tennis, and badminton.

Lucky Stone- Pearl

Lucky Color- Blue, creamy white and green. Avoid orange and red.

Compatibility with Other Numbers- Destiny numbers 4, 6, or 7

Best Day- Monday


  • Learn to admire your own values and opinions.
  • Don’t let your gentleness, sympathy, and sensitiveness to make you fearful and dependent.
  • Accept yourself as you are.

Celebrities with Destiny Number 2


Tony Blair (6/5/1953)                              Barack Obama (4/8/1961)


Jennifer Lopez (24/7/1969)                    Madonna (16/8/1958)