Celebrity Women Who Fell Victims to Domestic Violence

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You might have heard several cases about domestic abuse of a common woman. But, have you ever thought of rosy silver screen actresses felling victims to this social crime, in real life? Yes, it’s a truth! You will be shocked to know that even the Bollywood female celebs are not untouched with such a heinous crime.

Here is the list of celebrities who have been the victims of domestic violence.

1.  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Ash and Sallu’s love-hate relationship is not hidden from anyone. Everyone knows that the actor was very possessive of Ash. At Cannes film festival, while promoting her movie Provoked, the actress confirmed that like in reel life, she had also been the victim of domestic violence in real life.

2.  Dimpy Ganguli


Dimpy Ganguli and Rahul Mahajan were the first couple to marry on Indian television show. But, very shortly after marriage, Dimpy accused her husband of punching, kicking and thrashing her. She received injuries on her face, hands and left thigh. Well, Rahul’s ex-wife Shweta Singh also accused him of the same charges.

3.  Yukta Mookhey


Former Miss World and Bollywood actress, Yukta Mookhey filed a non-cognisable complaint of domestic violence, in 2012, against her husband Prince Tuli. Yukta accused Tuli of thrashing her. The couple got married in November 2008.

4.  Kangna Ranaut


Aditya Pancholi is the man, who helped Kangna Ranaut in establishing herself in the Indian film industry. After a short love affair with him, Kangna accused the actor of assaulting her.

5.  Pooja Bhatt


A few years ago, Pooja Bhatt accused her boy friend Ranvir Shorey of domestic abuse. He entered Pooja’s house with a bottle of wine and was completely drunk. When the actress stopped him from drinking more, he got infuriated and abused her.

6.  Zeenat Aman


Zeenat was in a relationship with Sanjay Khan, but this relationship came to an end when Sanjay brutally assaulted her. The actress married to Mazhar Khan in 1985. Shortly after marriage, she filed a divorce case, accusing her husband of beating and physically abusing her.

7.  Shweta Tiwari


Shweta Tiwari had also gone through domestic abuse. She married to Raja Chaudhary in 1998. After spending 9 years together, the couple filed a divorce in 2007. Shweta charged him of domestic violence and had registered complaints against him for four times.

8.  Somy Ali


Somy Ali is a former Pakistani actress, who dated Salman Khan for 5 years. But, their relationship came to an end due to Sallu’s abusive nature. Later, she moved to US. Currently, she is running a non-profit organization- No More Tears that works for the victims of domestic abuse.