Celebrities Who Are Chain Smokers

You’ll be shocked to see the number of Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities, who smoke or are chain smokers. We wonder how they maintain such good looks and figure, as we see almost every second Hollywood and Bollywood stars smoke. Some of them are trying hard to quit smoking, some of them have already quitted, and some are still hardcore chain smokers.



Jennifer Aniston


Isn’t she cute? Of course, she is, but here comes the shocking news- she is a chain smoker. She has been smoking since she was a teenager.  Jennifer Aniston has talked and tried quitting smoking many times, but it seems as if she couldn’t.  She quitted for a while, but couldn’t control her night cravings to take puffs.


Robert Pattinson


The heartthrob of girls, this Twilight star, has the nasty habit of smoking every now and then. Sounds surprising, but it’s true that he is a chain smoker. He smokes incessantly on the shooting sets. Though he is trying too hard to quit smoking, yet the day is still to come. Please Edward, quit smoking. We can’t afford to lose a hot vampire like you!


Daniel Radcliffe


Mr. Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) admits being a chain smoker.  People say he takes drugs too. Though he denies the latter without any regrets accepts the former. He is a pack a day smoker, and guess what his co-workers call him- “Harry Puffer”, because of this nasty habit. He seems to be in no mood to quit smoking.


Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt admits that he used to take drugs in his earlier years, and he also used to smoke marijuana. He has quit taking marijuana for the sake of his health and career, but he couldn’t stop himself from taking one or two cigarettes in between his shoots. Angelina Jolie has tried many times to make him quit smoking, but somehow he can’t resist it.


Barack Obama


Mr. President has been a chain smoker since he was a teenager. He is trying to quit smoking for years, but somehow he couldn’t. Of course, being the President of the most powerful country, it is stressful and we totally understand the reason. Well, from chain smoker, he has now become a neutral smoker, he smokes occasionally.


Ashton Kutcher


This cute and hot actor used to be a chain smoker, but in the year 2006, he read the same book that Hrithik Roshan read (The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Alan Carr). After reading this book, he tried to stop his craving to take puffs, and eventually, he quit smoking. Many other Hollywood celebrities are chain smokers, like Emma Roberts, Demi Moore, Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mary-Kate Olsen, etc.



Shahrukh Khan

chain smokers

He is the ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood and probably leading the cig-smoking brigade of the B-town. He only has one bad habit, which is “the deadliest” one. He has been fined many times for smoking publically. Once, his daughter Suhana cited, “How can you be a youth role model, if you smoke”. Dude; come on, it’s high time now. Quit smoking, before it becomes a national issue. Well, of course, you are trying, but we would suggest you try harder.


Manisha Koirala


It is not hidden from her fans that this actress is a hardcore smoker. She was caught smoking on the day of her wedding even; those pictures became the talk of the town. Well, those pictures might have envied actresses of western culture. After all, everybody doesn’t get a chance to take puffs with sindoor on the forehead.


Ajay Devgan


He too is a chain smoker and the phrase “Once bitten twice shy” suits him a lot; as he has been fined for smoking in public many times. There was a complaint recorded against him with the State Tobacco Control Cell and the Union Ministry of Health Family Welfare to penalize him with some severe punishment. It seems as if nothing can deter this man.


Salman Khan


Sallu Bhai is ready to quit smoking and even he is trying really hard to avoid a cigarette. Rumour has it that to control his cravings to smoke, he puts a cigarette in the mouth, but doesn’t light it, and then he pretends to puff away and finally throw the cigarette. After the jaw operation, he doesn’t smoke much, at least not in a way he used to do before. Come on Salman, we love you; stop playing with your life dude.




This yesteryear actress shocked everybody when she was found smoking publically at a charity event for children. We don’t mind that she smokes, but come on, think about the little kids, what they will learn.  Veteran actress Tanuja has tried a lot to quit smoking, but she can’t resist her daily dose of deadly nicotine.


Hrithik Roshan


The heartthrob of girls was among the list of well-known chain smokers. Did you notice ‘WAS’? Well yes, he quit smoking lately. Wow, we are happy to see someone who was actually determined to quit smoking.  He gives credit to Alan Carr’s book, “Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. He just can’t stop boasting about the book. Well done Duggu, we hope that you don’t pick the bad habit again. There are many other actors in Bollywood who are chain smokers, like Arjun Rampal (trying to quit), Rani Mukherjee, Saif Ali Khan (has quit smoking), Ranbir Kapoor, Fardeen Khan (has quit smoking), Irfan Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Rajnikanth, Vivek Oberoi (has quit smoking).