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Lehariya is the colourful art form that hails from the royal land of Rajasthan. It is basically the form of popular ‘Tie and dye’ of Rajasthan. This art form is generally done on Chiffon brigade. In creating lehariya, rippled and flowing patterns are crafted into many colours. As the name suggests, Tie and Dye is a two –step process that involves tying the fabric into knots, and the dipping it into different colours to get a particular colour in the desired area (Dye).


Lehariya artwork gives the wavy pattern diagonally, which also gives an exuberant look to the fabric. Since waves are obtained as an aftermath of this artwork, it is acclaimed as ‘Lehariya’ that is derived from Hindi word –‘Lehar’, which means a wave in English. Lehariya looks even more exquisite and regal if it is done on a white background.

Lehariya is essentially an epitome of freshness, new energy and welcoming. In Hindu Mythology, it is believed that Lehariya is worn during the onset of Sawan, which is considered to one of the most auspicious month of the Hindu calendar. It is considered auspicious because of many festivals falling around the month like Krishna Janmashtmi, Raksha Bandhan, and Guru Poornima (onset of Sawan). Many deities are worshipped during the month.

Being coupled with so much of auspiciousness and prosperity, Lehariya has certainly become divine and elegant clothing to be worn during the season. Not only in India, but this art form has become a pop-art all over the world. Many women carry lehariya stoles over a plain white kurti that makes it look glamorous than ever.

Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur are essentially considered to be the centre of Lehariya art work. All time favourite, Lehariya saris are being manufactured and exported in high quantities to countries abroad. Besides saris, these centres also produce Lehariya suits, stoles, turbans (for men), scarves, bags, and even skirts.











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There are variety of patterns in which Lehariya is being made- Mothda, panchranga, and Satranga. All of them are receiving accolades all over the globe for their intricacy and impeccable art pattern. These days, Lehariya over silk has also become quite trendy amongst teen agers for being catchy and different.

So, now after knowing a lot about this chic, elegant, and glamorous art form, grab your Lehariya outfit today or simply just land at a fabric retailer, and get it done in the way you want to with your creative instincts.

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