Celeb Couples: Shorter Men with Taller Women

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The society from the beginning has been a male dominated one. It was not acceptable that women towers over men. The women were always supposed to be beneath men and assumed to have short height, so that, it makes a good couple. However, with changing time, perceptions of men are changing too. These have become a bygone conventional philosophy. Now-a-days, men seem to be fascinated towards tall women. Recent research shows that men are more likely to get attracted towards tall women, rather than the short ones. Celebrity couples are breaking those old notions by dating and getting married to taller women. Here is the list of some celebrity couples, where SHE is taller than HE.

1.     Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra


The height difference between two of them is easily noticeable. Priyanka is certainly blessed with good height. All thanks to her late father and ex-Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi’s tall stature. However, what’s with her businessman husband Robert Vadra? He is short heightened, and thankfully, Priyanka doesn’t wear heels!

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2.     Michelle and Yohan Poonawalla


Well-known socialite Michelle Poonawalla is taller than her billionaire businessperson hubby, Yohan Poonawalla. However, few inches are not a deterrent between the relationships of this high profile celebrity couples.

3.     Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


Nicole Kidman seemed to be attracted towards short men. Firstly, it was Tom Cruise, and now, it is musician Keith Urban. Nicole is 5’ 11” tall, and Keith is 5’ 9”. The couple is living a blissful life and the difference in their height doesn’t seem to hamper their married life, anyways.

4.     Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise


It seems, as if, Tom Cruise is attracted to women, who are taller than him. Along with age difference of 17 years, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes also share a considerable height difference.

5.     L’wren Scott and Mick Jagger


Rock and roll singer and famous musician, Mick Jagger, is dating fashion designer L’wren Scott from the last 10 years. They are together, even though, his girlfriend is 3-4 inches taller. L’wren is 6’ 4” and Mick is just 5’ 10”. Huge difference huh…

6.     Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy


Rumour has it that the French President Nicolas Sarkozy becomes conscious whenever his tall wife, Carla Bruni, stands along with him. Carla (5’ 9”) is few inches taller than Nicolas (5’ 5”). But, the love between them conquers their height difference.

7.     Pia Glenn and Salman Rushdie


Indian controversial author, Salman Rushdie, has something for tall and young women. First, it was super model Padma Laxmi, who was obviously young and few inches taller, and now it’s Pia Glenn, who is off course younger than him and is 6’ tall.

8.     Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond


Tina Fey, a popular television and film actress (30 Rock fame), is not a very tall women. She is just 5’ 4”, but, her husband looks tiny in comparison to her. Jeff Richmond is just 5’ tall.

9.     Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart


Rod Stewart, a popular songwriter and singer, married to model Penny Lancaster, who is taller than him. Rod is 5’ 10”, whereas, his ladylove Penny is 6’ 1”.