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Boobs or Elbows?

Well, elbows are great and so are boobs (greater maybe!) But they are different… Way too different from each other. Right? You and me are fine with it but seems like Facebook has some problem in telling the two from each other..

OMG ! Jailed for Kissing Wife’s Bum?

If you think going a lil crazy, to make it up to your wife can be a good idea? You are sadly mistaken and guess what? You can be JAILED! This man has been pleaded guilty of indecent assault at.

Men and Porn: What’s with the Obsession?

Do you wonder why your man is so obsessed with a threesome sex, crazy sex games and weird positions? Well, the answer is loud and clear…PORN! So, does that mean he doesn’t find you attractive enough? Let’s find out. Porn.

15 Sex Laws You can’t Imagine Exist

Well, I thought laws were meant to protect us but do you know what happens when the government tries to get into people’s pants? I’ll tell you what… things get weird! Real weird! Read on to know how… In Washington.

Funnel your Breast With More Fun

Your boobs are sly, delicate and seductresses. They nudge proactively out of bikini, peek above lacy push up bras and exhibit their extravagance. Undressing these assets in night bed can turn any blooded male into a puffing pile of mush..

Get the Lost Lust Back in your Bed

My dear lazy darlings, it’s time to move your butts, if you are looking to reboost your dull sex life. Learn the mantra to regenerate your lust (Yes, you heard right- “lust”, and that too in loads) and blow off.

Low Libido – Sex Hitches and Causes

Libido, which also means craving for sex or sex drive, varies severely from one person to another. It also shows a discrepancy depending on life circumstances and each person’s preferences. Libido can be affected by hormonal levels, medical conditions, relationship.

Is it love at first sight or lusting love?

Today we are encountering the circumstances which our ancestor never confronted about sex. We dream about our partner and meet new people through matrimonial sites and dating websites. In this advance world, we also work on ourselves with uncountable cosmetic.

SEX – How to See it Beyond Lust

Sex…Some people do it as a stress buster, some people do it as an exercise, some do it for pleasure, and few of them do it as their daily business, etc  etc…..But has anyone ever thought what’s the true purport.

Pamper Your Man to Spice Up Romance

Pamper a guy?? You must be kidding!! This is the response to such an idea proposed to girls. But yes, men love to get pampered, it’s just are little shy to accept it cuz of their ruff and tuff image..