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10 Sure Shot Ways You Can Have A Blasting Orgasm

Unlike men women can’t reach orgasm every time they indulge in a steamy sex but before you start cursing god for the discrimination, read ahead! Women have the ability to orgasm in various ways. While it’s easier to cum for.

How To Have Sex In The Shower

Shower sex sounds exciting, but it can be a little tricky. If you want to learn how to do it, here are a few simple ways to make your partner happy. It is fun, adventurous and entertaining. It isn’t just any other.

8 Valid Reasons to Remain a Virgin

Without sounding like a nanny, I want you to pay attention to my valid thoughts, to remain a virgin for as long as you can.  Need not worry… I will not label you in the wrong category for doing “Hanky.

Top 10 Ways to Look Better Naked

Want to flaunt your curves while you are making love with your honey? When I was in my teens, I was awfully worried about being obese.  I couldn’t even dare to remove my shirt (due to my over sized bust).

10 Most Sexy Indian Commercials of All Time

The world of TV commercials is weird and full of prodigy! While some brands are sticking with the same old lionized celeb endorsement, some are taking a step ahead in playing with the viewer’s minds and senses! Well, let’s just.

Irritated Neighbour Posts the Noisy Couple’s Sex Audio on the Internet!

Whoa! Now that’s revenge! So if, you too have some noisy and annoying neighbours, this might interest you! Neighbour Lee Moore was fed up after trying and failing to sleep due to the amorous couple living in a flat two.

The Orgasm-Guide: Everything you Always Wanted to Know about Orgasms

Orgasm is the biggest mystery to some and the ultimate craving for others. Be it a quickie, a first time, a romantic alliance or just friends with benefits, you want to end up in an orgasm. Some like the lasting.

Long Live Romance

People love romance. I did too. (Oh! Does this “did” make you think I no longer love the lovely romance?) Well, I too, have no idea. And this unawareness is almost to the point clueless. I am skeptical  for sure. This.

How To Be An Awesome Kisser !

Since our first crush to the first date, we’ve always dreamt of the first kiss… the dreamy perfect kiss! But honestly, it doesn’t end that way always… the dreamy kiss sometimes gets transformed into a messy wrestle between the tongues and your mind wonders.

Top 10 Sex Fantasies of Women!

A woman’s mind has always been a mystery for men. And why not? Afterall, we do have some complex intricate contemplations going on in there. With the powerful and colourful imagination that we are inbuilt with, it’s impossible not to.