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Sex Positions for Every Room of the House

Let’s check out some hot and steamy moves, which can blow your mind. Sex in the bedroom can be boring sometimes. It is the time to add some spice and shake it with passion of love. Here are few hot.

10 Sure Shot Ways to Keep the Romance Alive on Bed

Do you want to see the firework while you are making love with your partner? Then, you need to know the inner desire of your beloved. If you want to blow his mind and want to give him the best.

32 Surprising Facts about Sex You Don’t Know Yet

I know that sex is awesome, but there are some facts that you should know about sex. Many of us are not aware of these facts, and some of us don’t believe them. Some facts are interesting, whereas some are.

Dirty Talks that He Wants You to Utter in Bed

A man loves it when his woman makes loud noises in bed, moans with pleasure, and participates in talking dirty stuff while having sex. To include screaming and cheering, in between the sheets, will make your guy go crazy. Let’s.

17 Surprising Things That Can Turn on Your Guy

A nice butt in a well fitted pair of blue jeans! The capability to carry an intelligent discussion! Horny in bed! These three reasons guarantee to turn every man on this planet. But here are some more pointers on “what.

Best Oral Sex Tips that Will Drive Your Man Crazy

Are you hungry for the taste of his lollipop? Yes, the salt coated lollypop that each man has between his legs. Hold on! Did I talk about salt coated lollypops?  Yes, I did! You must be wondering “Why did I.

I5 Erotic Ways to Turn Your Man On

Are you feeling naughty and thinking of the ways to turn your man on? Here is a sexy and naughty “to do list” to squeeze, tease, and please the man of your dreams. From foreplay to seductive moves, we have.

10 Reasons of Why Morning Sex Is Best

1. You don’t have to go for the treadmill. 2. It’s too early to worry about your bad breath. 3. It makes you glow. 4. You have beautiful hair locks in no time! 5. You don’t have to try for.

5 Touch Me Spots for Your Man

Well, it’s always not the lip lock that ignites the candle! There are many other hot zones in a man’s body to explore and explode. Here are the top 5 ‘touch me’ zones for your man. Neck   Start with.

24 Shockingly Weird Sexual Fetishes which You have Never Heard Before

There are many types of sexual fetishes in the world, some of them are commonly accepted, but there are some, which are really weird. Have you heard of ‘Coprophilia’? Well in this kind of fetish, a person derives sexual pleasures.