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Which Breed is Your Boyfriend ? Identify!

Label your guy in the apt category, Girls! The Great Dane Admit that you like rude boys. You fell for him because of his rebellious attitude. He is your angry young man! He makes you feel sweet 16 when he.

Riteish and Genelia’s Romantic Love Story

They smile; they fight; that is the way they are! Very few love stories come true! A 16- year- old girl met a 24- year- old boy at the Hyderabad airport. The young gal was Genelia D’ Souza, and the.

10 Types of Men You Meet via Online Dating Sites

This one’s for those fellow single females, who join the online dating sites with the fantasy of coming across someone special. Someone, who can make them laugh, make them feel special, and can understand them the way, no other person.

10 Rules for Women Who Are Unlucky In Love

Has dating made your luck down? I think you need a makeover. In past recent days, I analysed that luck has very little to do with your love life. Your man is not supposed to blame for every heart- break..

10 Questions that will Save You from Marrying the Wrong Person

Whether to tell him yes or no; whether you will have a perfect ending or not; whether your man will stand up to his promises or not…These are the common questions that keep troubling the about- to- be brides. Worry.

5 Pocket Friendly Dating Ideas that do not Cost more than a Dime

With the price –hike in the economy, you may feel depressed that you cannot afford to shower your sweetie with gifts anymore. Believe me; you still have ample of “romantic dates’ ideas”, without spending a penny. Check out! 1.     Photo.

10 Guy Facts You Must Know To Read His Mind!

We have heard about women being so complicated and difficult to understand all our lives. Haven’t we? Well, maybe we are but the case is no different with men. So here are some facts that’d help you read your man’s.

Are You The “Other Woman” In His Life?

You may madly be in love with a married man. But, have you ever wondered “what would happen if you are ever caught”? Believe it or not, you are the home wrecker! Without any realization, women tend to get drawn.

12 Random Signs to Know That a Guy Likes You

Here are 12 ways, to know that a guy is in love with you. # Sign 1 If you find the guy staring at you constantly (at your face if not then he is a pervert), look at him, he.

How to Make your First Date Memorable

Everyone wants to make their first date special. People tend to make it funny, interesting, or exciting. But, everyone is not lucky enough to have such a memorable date. Some people meet for the first time, and it becomes their.