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10 Tested Tricks to Keep the Long Distance Relationship Alive

Being in a long distance relationship is quite challenging for most of the people. But, according to me, being in this type of relation has its own good points as well. It makes you fall for your partner more and.

8 Important Tips for Couples on Facebook

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has swapped the importance of air, water and food, and changed the definition of the fundamental elements to stay alive.  You can post your heart contents out on these sites and share or.

7 Things That Men Notice in Women at First Sight

Women are always conscious about their looks and to get noticed by men around them. They are always confused about what they should carry so that they get the maximum admiration and attention by men. But, let me tell you.

10 Romantic Birthday Gifts to Make His Birthday More Special

Although we try to make each day special for people we love, but birthday is something that has to be even more special. It is true that all the girls want to be pampered by their guys all the time,.

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Being Single

Have you ever thought of counting the benefits of being single? If you didn’t, then think of it! You can have lots of fun if you are single. You can dance crazily without getting conscious, flirt with cute guys around,.

13 Superb Conversation Starters with a New Guy

To meet a new guy is a big deal and the bigger deal is to begin a conversation. For girls, it becomes really difficult to start a friendly conversation. Getting started with a conversation is indeed more difficult when you.

World’s 7 Best Romantic Destinations for Wedding Proposals

“There’s this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It’s the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me.” – Gretchen Kemp You have found.

10 Creative Ways to Propose Your Sweetheart

Do you love someone and thinking of proposing her very soon? How will you propose her? Let me guess! You might get on one knee, hold her hand and ask “Will you marry me” or reveal your feelings as “I.

8 Smart Tips to Boost Communication in Your Relationship

Conflict, in a relationship, is almost ineluctable. Sometimes you might feel that instead of immense love between both of you, your relationship is sinking. The quality of your relationship depends on how smartly you handle this conflict. If used creatively,.

30 Hidden Secrets about Guys You Will be Surprised to Know

If someone comes up with a book on ‘Secrets about Guys’, it would be the most wanted write up among the girls’ community. Those who say girls are tougher to figure out; let me tell them the boys are equally.