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Interesting Celeb Friendships

You know your best friend too well. But do you know how and with whom do members of the glamour industry fraternise? Usually, it’s amongst themselves. See the real friendships between the A listers. Let’s Take a Look at Hollywood.

Hot Destinations to Explore With Friends

[SlideDeck2 id=4266] And lastly, exploring the nightlife of our metro cities sounds like a fun, wise option. Let your hair down, grab a drink or two and free your spirits.

Figure Out Your Fugly Faced Friends

Ever met someone who called you their friend, but behaved otherwise? You thought the two of you were getting along quite well, until their behaviour revealed an altogether different story. Everybody is vulnerable to imprudent relationships, but “friends”, who considers.

Friends with Benefits: Did this Just Relate to You?

The title tempted you? Isn’t it? And you’re expecting a piece of story that will be a part of your memory for a very long time. Okay, at least this weekend? So to all the people, who are benefitting their.

You’re My Sunshine, coz “Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai” !

Ever said that to a friend? Or ever had any of your chums say that to you? If not, go and credit all those people in your life who help you survive each day, give you immense strength, are your.