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Thai Chicken Salad

To those who swear by non-vegetarian food, the Thai chicken salad is an incredible treat. Here is a quick recipe for you, which will compel you to devour the meal thoroughly. Ingredients: Trimmed asparagus (1 bunch- cut approximately 3 cm.

Saffron Coconut Rice Recipe

If you’re crazy about rice, then this one is for you. Hailing from Thailand’s south zone; this trouble-free food is mainly gobbled with roasted chicken. The incredible amalgamation of coconut and saffron is a perfect dish, served for a potluck.

Steamed Thai Pumpkin Cake

This gluten free pumpkin cake is prepared with the blend of ecstatic Thai aromatic ingredients. It’s steamed; it tastes sweet as a perfect dessert. Grated pumpkin, when mixed together with all the other items in a pan, makes it easy.

Thai Banana Coconut Milk

Thai banana coconut milk is a dessert crusted dish, with delicious coconut cream. Bananas are known as ‘kluai’ in Thai, and the dish’s name is ‘kluai buat chi’. You can find palm sugar in many Asian groceries. But if not.

Chicken and Coconut Thai Curry Soup – ‘Tom Ka Kai’

Tom Ka Kai is a traditional soup with unique flavours of Thailand with a perfect balance of spice, sweet and salt. Whether you want to surprise your loved ones or in winters protect them from cold cough or flu, the.

Thai Cucumber Salad

Yummm…It’s my favourite! Why? Try it, and then say! Its fresh, healthy, savoury, sweetie, peppery and easy to put together. And most essentially takes care of my figure too! What else we all are aiming for nowadays? To be in.

Authentic Pad Thai Noodles

Pad Thai being another ‘street food’ in Thailand is also a specialty of its restaurants. This quick meal contains no fishes or no shrimps yet a classiness of this food is popular all around the world. Popularity of this dish.

Tom Yam Goong (Soup)

For me, the name itself is so tempting. And now if we talk about the taste, it is considered as one of the Thai fragilities. The recipe comprises all the essential Thai aromas.  Well, the credit goes to every munificent.