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4 Quick and Easy Kid Recipes for Busy Mommies

In a fast paced life, it becomes difficult to feed children on healthy and delicious meals. Preparing healthy dishes is really a challenging task for a working mom. But your tight schedule not gonna be a problem anymore! Here are.

Crispy, Yummy Bread Rolls

Bread rolls are a favorite of one and all. Quick and easy to make, they are tasty and a perfect dish for an evening with friends or relatives. Serve them with tea/coffee/juice and have a great time. Ingredients Small white/milk.

Indian Style Masala Macaroni

When I was preparing this post, I found out there were so many types of pasta made around the world. People give all fancy shapes to this food, and call it by the names they love. Interestingly, like any living.

Cheese Vegetable Sandwich

Good Morning! Your clock has ticked 8, and you still can’t think of something quick, and also yummy, to start your day with. Then I’m sure the picture below will stimulate your senses, and a familiar smile will pass through.

Masala Vadai

Prepared with a combination of pulses, Masala Vadais can be given to the kids as a regular tea-time snack, especially when they are up with their home works. The popular snack hits an immediate love with the taste buds, once.

Rava Idli

Made with sheer simplicity and ease, the South Indian temptation- Rava Idlis are a quick-fix in the kitchen, especially when you are running short of food ideas! Nutritious, light, and yet filling, kids would love to have it as any.

Kuttu/Singhare ki Kachori

Being crispy in taste, these small puris are quite filling during fast, and simple to make. Potatoes blended with tangy spices, make this appetizer a favourite of many fast-lovers. Category: Vegetarian Prep time: 15-20 min Cooking Time: 20-25 min Ready.

Cauliflower Manchurian

Gobi or Cauliflower Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese recipe, with deep-fried, spicy cauliflower fritters. The Indian Chinese appetizer is a delight for this season with a crisper coating outside. And, when it releases the tangy flavors of different spicy sauces in.

Pav Bhaji Masala

Originated from western India, the spicy and soft combination of Paav Bhaji resides in every Indian’s heart. Though, we know what lies in the Paav and Bhaji, still the street food is so filling that most people have it as.

Makkai Paneer Pakora Recipe

This one’s the crispier version of the paneer pakora with added Makkai. For all the pakora fans, the recipe is a must have one. ‘Makkai Paneer Pakora’ makes one of the most excellent Indian snack dishes, as the flavors of.