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Restaurant Style Butter Paneer Masala

The most favoured North Indian curry dish, Butter Paneer Masala is a special main course item in any restaurant. Northern chefs make this one a little different from how we make paneer in red gravy at home. And this is.

Stuffed Tomatoes, Filled With Goodness

It sure is mouth-watering! Ain’t it? Well, here’s something amazing you can do with tomatoes. Stuff them up with paneer and dry fruits, which, when cooked will become soft and gooey with a tasty bit of paneer in every spoon..

Sham Savera

Another paneer recipe by me! Well, it’s just my all-time favourite and I simply love how it can be used in so many dishes in so many ways. Today, we are making Palak Paneer in a totally different style. The.

The Ever Popular Malai-Koftas

Are relatives coming to your place for dinner tonight? Well, this ever popular malai kofta dish can earn you many a praises. Beautiful flavours and delicate aroma will fill your kitchen as I bring to you the traditional recipe with.

How to Make Restaurant Style Makhani Gravy at Home

Makhani gravy Makhani gravy, as the name suggests, is a buttery sauce made with Makhan. It is a basic gravy for all the authentic dishes made up of tomatoes, butter, cream, and aromatic spices. It is extremely rich, loaded with.

Anaardaana and Aloo Kucha

Anardana kulcha is a typical north Indian delicacy. Eating chapatti with curry and dal, day and night, becomes a little boring. Try making these chatpatee kulchas, with aloo and anardana stuffing, to give your daily meals a twist of taste..

Kaju Mushroom Masala

Kaju Mushroom Masala is an exotic vegetarian dish… I love it because of its silky, rich and creamy gravy. Relish, this lip smacking dish, tossed in cashew sauce, which tastes heavenly…. Impress your loved ones with this easy and non-detectable.

Paneer Makhani with Peshawari Naan

Cooking Time: 55 mins Serves              : 4 Paneer Makhani Rich gravy made with the blend of cashew paste and cream gives this curry a Makhani (creamy) texture. INGREDIENTS Salt Cilantro ( garnishing) 4 cloves garlic 3 tbsp butter 3 green.

Chhole & Kulche (Delhi style)

Spicy and mouthwatering combination of chola and khulcha a favorite street food of family and friends. Cooking Time: 45 mins Serves              : 4 KULCHE Ingredients Curd (half cup) Maida 50g Salt Onions 2 medium (chopped) A pinch of baking soda.

Vegetable Jalfries

This sizzling and spicy vegetable delight is cooked with an array of colourful veggies like peas, carrots, cauliflower, capsicum, French beans and spring onions embodied in a spicy masala which is perfect to be served in parties and gatherings. The.