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Sweetened Modak Recipe

Modak is a traditional Marathi sweet dish. Learn how to make steamed modak through the easy steps given below:   Ingredients For Filling Sugar or Jaggery-1 ½ Cup Shredded Fresh Coconut- 2 Cup Cardamom Powder- ½ pinch Mixture of Pistachios.

Kanda Bhaji (Onion Fritters/Pyaaz Pakoda)

Bhaji is a special dish of Marathi, but it’s liked and enjoyed in other parts of the country as well. It is a very popular and yum variant of pakoda. We Indians, cherish monsoon season the most.  In different regions,.

Chatpati Marathi-Bhel

We, Indians love chaat the most. In the domain of chart, Bhel is our favorite! It’s magical and addictive flavor warms the palate and also doesn’t cost much to pocket. A crowd-delight appetizer recipe is quick to prepare, provided you.

Masala Bhaat

This spicy and delicious dish is prepared in almost every house of Maharashtra. The ‘goda masala’ is the specialty of this dish. It makes the dish extra- aromatic and rich in flavor.  It is a tasty speedy dish that can.

Sprouted Moong Usal/Moongachi Usal

An amazingly flavored dish of Maharashtra that dissolves in mouth to Yummm….! Usal is so much liked by Marathis that it is common on streets of Maharashtra.  Usal is one of the most loved curry among Maharashtrians. The dish is.

Godacha Sheera

Godacha Sheera (shira) is a very renowned sugary dish of Maharashtra. During happy occasions, functions, festivals or religious observance, it is usually prepared as a ‘Prasad’ (holy – food offering) in Maharashtra households. Particularly, ‘Satyanarayan Puja’, always carry godacha- sheera.

‘Queen of Leftover’ – Phodanichi Poli

At times we run out of veggies at home but have lot of left-over polis (chapattis). ‘Policha Kuskara’ or ‘Phodnichi Poli’ is a great way to utilize those stale, leftover rotis. It serves as a wonderful option for breakfast or.

Poha Chiwda-A Nutritious Snack

I, you and we all love Indian snacks, they are awesomely AWESOME!  But, they disappoint us when we look into their health factor. If you want snacks, that can treat your taste buds and at the same time are healthy.

Sago/Sabudana Khichdi-The Reason to Fast

Looks delicious, right? Trust me; it is equally appetizing to eat too. Simply Yummmm…..!! To tell you, sagu or sabudana khichdi is a traditional Marathi ‘farali’ dish, eaten typically during fasting days. But, I like this recipe so much that.

Delicious Thalipeeth

Are you tired of eating the typical ‘upma’ or ‘poha’ with your morning tea? Need a change? Try heart healthy and scrumptious thalipeeth.   Thalipeeth is a wonderful dish to kick off your day. It is quick, easy and healthy.