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Black Beans and Rice Recipe

Whether it’s Caribbean or Southern zone of cooking, Black beans and rice make such a classic blend together that every time you have it, fills you up with vehemence. Among various easy ways to cook this recipe, we are giving.

Colorful Spicy ‘Palak’ Lachha Parantha

Palak Lachha Parantha is made with wheat flour, spinach and other spices. Preparing appetizing spinach parantha is a very easy and simple job. It just required preparation of spinach puree, kneading the dough using the puree and cooking the parantha.

Instant Cracked Oat Idlis

Breakfast is indeed an important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast fuels us for the day. Without breakfast, a day goes restless, irritable and tired. So, make sure that your family doesn’t skip it. One of the best ways.

Bharwaan Tikki

Spicy combo of corns, potatoes, spinach and peas blended in a tikki. Perfect snack for the winter season.  So, grab a cup of ginger tea and go on snacking coz its worth eating. Cooking Time       : 20 Mins.

Chocolate Banana Pancake

Chocolate pancakes… Banana pan cakes… Honey pancakes… I love pancakes. My fondness for pancakes is inherited, I guess, because my grand pa loves them, my dad loves them. Sometimes, I carry a fruit pancake for my lunch box. Relish these.

Scalloped Potatoes

Here‘s one of my favourite recipe that’s easy to cook and tastes great. Potatoes are favourite among kids… share this recipe with all the mommy’s who love to cook a variety for their kid’s lunch-box. The leftover potatoes taste even.

Lasaniya Batata (Potatoes with Garlic)

Lasaniya batata is one of the most eaten dishes among the Gujjus. A brilliant combination of potatoes and garlic. Garlic gives a very  distinctive flavour to the stir fried potatoes. The chopped coriander added at the end perks up the.

Carrot and Cucumber Pickle

Carrots and cucumbers tossed in tangy and spicy mustard sauce.  No Gujarati meal is ever complete without this sweet and tangy variant. You can have them with your lunch, dinners or pack them for your lunch. The pickle does not.

Chana Dal Vada

As the weather is getting chilly day by day…. Therefore, I have posted this mouth watering snack for a lazy Sunday. Enjoy this crispy and crunchy vada on a rainy day with a cup of masala tea. This is a.

Cheese Dosa

One of my favourite breakfasts is cheese dosa…Which is a variation of cheese pizza and uttapam…  Folded with a generous amount of cheese and chopped vegetables. Make this dosa as your daily breakfast or pack it for your lunch box….