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25 Cooking Tips to Help You Reduce Weight

Your kitchen is the best place to prepare the mouth-watering food, with no extra calories and fat. When you cook at home, you have endless opportunities to cut down the fat content. Just by making smart changes in your cooking methods, you can.

Prepare Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Without Using Oven!

Normally we use pre-heated microwaves, to keep the crisp and heat of the chicken preserved. But now, we have brought you our exceptional chicken delicacy, with the same crisp and savour that you get by cooking it into an oven..

Freshen Up Leftover Chapattis

Chapattis- are one of the most commonly eaten staple in our Indian households. Now, you don’t have to toss old chapattis. Here, I share a simple tip to make them taste fresh and good like freshly cooked chapattis. One Day.

Tips to Make Paneer at Home

We love to eat ‘Paneer’ in multiple forms – whether it’s Mutter Paneer, Palak Paneer, Paneer Pakoda or sweets, we love it in all forms. Though it’s easily available in market but can be readily prepared at home as well..

Make Your Pakodas Absorb Less Oil

Pakodas……who doesn’t love it? A much -loved snack of everyone becomes ‘Not So Favorite’ because of its high oil content. Here, I share tips with all my dear readers that will solve their high calories problem. Follow these simple tips.

Tips on Peeling and Cutting Vegetables

  Peeling and cutting the vegetables is an art in itself. If you wish to be the master of this art, then follow the tips given below : Don’t wash vegetables after cutting or peeling them. Wash them before you.

Tips to Make Fluffy Rice

Cooking rice is one of those activities that appear easy but when tried, it is not.  To cook tasty and fluffy rice, following tips are highly useful to beginners: Rinse Well Rinse the rice about 2-to-3 times. It removes the.

How to Handle the Chicken Safely

You cook many dishes out of chicken. But you do not pay heed to small things which you should consider to make your chicken dish healthy. Here I bring to you some tips of handling the chicken. Before Cooking the.