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How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers?

If you look around, you’ll find a lot of teenagers being overweight or even obese now-a-days. Reasons are many… the fast food obsession and the lack of physical activity being the major ones. So, there’s an avid need for a.

9 Smart Parenting Tricks to Deal with Sibling Rivalry

Being a parent, you want your children to be together, throughout their life. We expect them to exchange love, but their age and phenomenon takes them somewhere else. Their daily fights make you get pissed off. You burst on them..

Teens and Online Porn: Act Now!

Have you ever heard weird noises from your child’s room, while walking in the midnight?  Have you peeked and caught your teen, watching a porn movie?  Are you asking to yourself- How to talk to them, how to stop them,.

Date Rape Drugs: Teens & Parents, Be Cautious!

“Date Rape Drugs” sounds unusual….Right? But, ask to those young adults, who were induced to leave their playful days and were compelled to take up the dark trait. Date rape drugs and teens are catastrophically blended. Here, we are taking.

Is your Child Lagging behind in Academics Coz of Hygiene Reasons?

A study by Indian Medical Academy has proved that children with poor sanitation are more prone to poor academic performance than the ones who are healthy. The study was conducted on 500 parents and 540 doctors across Chennai, Kolkata,Delhiand Mumbai..

Is The Internet Becoming the Drug for Your Teen?

If you have a teenager at home who is glued to the computer screen most of the time, you need to pay attention now! A study has revealed that internet addiction dislocates the nerve wiring in the teenager’s brain. Now,.

Find Out How Much Sleep Is Adequate For Your Teen!

The federal guidelines say that 9 hours sleep is essential for teenagers and higher secondary school students but a recent study by Eric Eide and Mark Showalter from Brigham Young University reveals that 7 hours sleep is enough for a.

Say Yes to Pocket Money!

Pocket money? Indian parents always frown at the word. My mom used to tell me (long back) that we’ll get you things that you want, from stationary to snacks, whatever you want just ask for it… what do you need.

Healthy Pocket Money For Your Teenage Kids

Whenever you think that how much pocket money should be given to your sixteen year old… there’s just a big question mark hanging right there! Shouldn’t be too much, shouldn’t be too less. How does he/she manage their expenses, how they divide the money.

Is Peer Pressure or Parent’s Ignorance the Real Reason for Our Spoiled Teens?

‘Peer Pressure’! The word sucks. Truly it sucks so much, that our entire imminent generation is baffled where they are going in real, even though consciously, what they are doing is off beam. Yes, we agree that peer pressure with.