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5 Movies Featuring Differently-abled Child

Films are a reflection of the society. They represent aspirations, contradictions, frustration and hopes, prevailing in the society. Movies carry a potential appeal for the audiences. The emotions in cinemas are depicted in such a manner that it leaves a.

Differently-abled Children: Let’s help them to be ‘Distinctively-Able’

Today, there are a lot of provisions and opportunities for the differently-abled children to live a normal and active life, but, it has always been an issue with the parents of such children. They have to face many problems in.

Yoga Exercise for Differently-abled Children

Don’t limit the activities of your differently-abled (actually, with special intentions) child! Yoga is an effective and powerful tool that helps your child to synchronize the activities of body, emotions, and mind. Studies reveal that yoga is very beneficial for.

Hats Off to These Achievers, Who Proved Their Mettle!

The most important thing in life is to stop saying “I wish” and start saying “I will”. –   Charles Dickens I will introduce you to such persons, who took their disability as a challenge and proved that they are not.

Things to Do as a Parent of a Differently-Abled Child

We all come across different challenges in our life. You agree?   I hope you do. Similarly, there are children who face ‘unique’ challenges in their lives. Here I’m talking about those children, who are born with mental, emotional and developmental.