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6 Effortless Tips to Reduce Weight in Children

Let’s be honest, and face, that nowadays obesity in children is at all time high. Too much fast food…too much TV…and too much video/computer games are taking toll on children’s health! Here are some great tips to motivate your kids.

Here Is Why You Should Not Tell Your Lil Girl That She Is Pretty

You must be wondering what’s wrong with telling a girl that she is pretty. In fact, isn’t that the best thing you can say to her? Read on and decide yourself! I still remember the 10th of January, three years.

7 Effective Strategies to Tackle your Children after Divorce

My mom and dad stay involved in my life forever….I want both of you to help me solve my problems….I want a lot of love from both of you….that’s what every child long for. For kids, their parents are their.

Are you Giving your Child High IQ Food?

“A cute lil toddler gets us all excited and we want to shower all the best things of the world on them… but before you get started, stop and think, what you feed your child now will have a strong.

Time Management Tricks for your Grown ups

We, all are quite proverbial with the terms like, ‘I am busy’, ‘I am running short of time’, ‘I don’t have any time’ and many other alike versions of this. But, do we give it a thought of carrying out.

Is Your Teen Getting Addicted to the Cell Phone?

Okay! So you are an open-minded parent and you don’t want to act like a paranoid just because your teen is using a personal mobile phone. But you are a parent afterall and you just can’t stop being watchful when.

Give your Baby a Sound Nap

Parenthood is bliss but making a baby sleep is a fatiguing, strenuous experience at times, particularly when you’ve a hard, tough day at work and you’re longing for some sound sleep but your baby doesn’t allow you to have a.

How to Mother an Adolescent Daughter

Girls become monsters when they reach their puberty. On entering their adolescence, they experience a lot of physical, emotional and mental changes. The turbulent emotions of adolescence make them alienated and thorny. They begin to separate from their parents to.

Make your Kid’s Birthday Memorable

Birthday Party! OMG… now arrangements of food…, cakes…., decorations….., theme…., guests list….., presents…… and much more… I am sure, all these thoughts starts bouncing in your mind. Yes, we understand nowadays, despite your nice intention for birthday preparation, the parties.

Direct Me to Deal with My ‘Naughty’ Child

Don’t expect children to be calm, obedient and quiet all the time. Never! In fact, it is nice when a child is a little noisy, impish and full of questions and ideas. But, some children are very mischievous, completely uncontrollable..