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6 Tips to Say No to the Break-Up Trauma

We always wish, we could have a gadget to measure our emotions, and can help us to come, out of isolation. If you are suffering from a broken liaison, and want to come out of this, with less pain and.

5 Activities To Beat The Overactive Brain Syndrome

Overabundance of thoughts harasses us all day long. Yes, the thoughts that spawn from our overactive brain do cause suffering when we try to sleep, work, or study. You try hard to concentrate, but you get failed. Your mind simply.

Drug Addiction in Teens

Nostalgic for an Incident: Remembering Black! Once sitting and thinking of the night, you are strolling in the lawn alone, getting pleasure from the tranquility of nature. During your walk, you see different kinds of people, hurling their way through the journey..

Date Rape Drugs: Teens & Parents, Be Cautious!

“Date Rape Drugs” sounds unusual….Right? But, ask to those young adults, who were induced to leave their playful days and were compelled to take up the dark trait. Date rape drugs and teens are catastrophically blended. Here, we are taking.

Women Smokers: Following the ‘Fashion Statement’ At the Cost of Life

Facts & Figures: Get Astounded!  What stuff is the most desirable and fashionable ‘must-have’ in today’s world?  Do you have any guesses like- Blackberry, iPhone, or something else? Get ready to have an amazing fact…For the enormous number of teenage girls, it.

Is Peer Pressure or Parent’s Ignorance the Real Reason for Our Spoiled Teens?

‘Peer Pressure’! The word sucks. Truly it sucks so much, that our entire imminent generation is baffled where they are going in real, even though consciously, what they are doing is off beam. Yes, we agree that peer pressure with.

The Positive Side of Peer Pressure

You might have simply been listening to the ill effects and consequences of peer pressure. No more acrimony and pessimism! Let’s get directed towards the positive attributes of peer pressure. Here, we will render you with its positive aspects. Check.

Beware of Depression: Sulking Tendencies May Eat your Brain

We all feel low and gloomy at some point of time in our lives. We feel nothing left for us. We drop interest in everything but the seriousness enlarges if this feeling aggravates every day, we stop enjoying life and.

7 Ways To Stay Away from Common Teenage Addictions

Teenage assault, shooting death, kidnapping, drug possession, larceny, stealing, aiding, abetting, and so on…What are you waiting for? The list doesn’t end here. We, as adults, are fond of wearing pink glasses, and fancying the world as a beautiful planet. Neither we.