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10 Most Relaxing Songs Recorded Ever According to the Scientists

Music definitely is a stress buster for most of us, but how about finding out the perfect melodies to calm your mind, body and soul? I guess we’ll save some money on the spa’s and massages! Sound and music therapies.

Don’t Hold Those Tears Back, Cry Your Heart Out!

How often have you felt that lump in your throat? For once, allow those feelings to come alive and convey them through tears. Imagine a family that cries together to release their pain! They let out their fears and miseries.

Amazing Ways to Find Peace within Yourself

How many of us have lost ourselves in obsessing, conflict and concern over the future, at feelings of inadequacy, failure, and guilt. 1.   Change starts from within. You have to generate it inside you. If it’s on the surface,.

20 quotes to live by for a better life

Human life revolves around happy, dull, lazy, crazy, creative and destructive moments. But what keeps us going through all of it is a light of motivation, a word of inspiration and some moments of happiness. It’s always a good time.

The Power of Praying

The power of prayer is a highly debated topic. While some believers swear by its positive outcomes, others often question and doubt the need. But, praying has its’ own power, influence, and benefits in our lives. For starters, praying is.

Everyone Bouncing Back From Failure! So Will You!

More often than we’d like it to be, failure crosses our path. It isn’t welcomed; it isn’t happily received, but being the staunch guest that it is, it vehemently knocks at your door, barges into your house and takes up a lot of space,.

Pranic Healing

You wish to heal? Here is your rescue. Pranic healing! This modality was invented by Chao Kok Sui and heals illnesses in the human body through prana, i.e. Energy. This is done by managing the energy field of the person..

Overcome Your Fear!

We all fear something. Fear of failure, losing a loved one, letting go; fear of heights, closed spaces or even the fear of a lizard or cockroach. Be it anything, there’s not even one amongst us who can stand tall.

Does God exist: The Ultimate Question?

Does god exist? We’re sure you’ve often pondered over the question. At times, believing in his existence just like you would your own and at times, denying him vehemently, labeling him a myth, a mirage and an illusion. So what is it that makes.

Forgiveness: The Art, The Practice And The Ability!

The Oxford English dictionary defines forgiveness as ‘to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt’ while Wikipedia says that forgiveness is ‘the renunciation or cessation of resentment, indignation or anger as a result.