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14-Year-Old Becomes a Mother: The Sad Plight of Child- Marriage in India

When Krishna was 11- year- old, they wed her off to Gopal, who was just 13. Now she’s 14, and a mother. Her son was born four months ago; she nearly died during that period, and had to be hospitalized.

Overcome the Rape Trauma: Forwarding the Healing Hands

For me, ‘Rape’ depicts the most disgraceful affair. Every time I listen or read regarding this, feeling is sore and pathetic. The disgust touch, which leads towards oppressing your body parts, shatters your being into millions of pieces. Only someone’s.

6 Advantages of Women Education: Steps towards Discovering the Legends

There are several magnetic personalities, which have marked their victorious foots on the pages of Indian history. Sarojini Naidu- ‘The Nightingale of India’, Kalpana Chawla, P.T. Usha, Sushmita Sen, Kiran Bedi…the list of the names is endless. They lifted the.

7 Indian Women who Conquered the Male Dominated World

The word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ doesn’t exist for these ladies. They have crashed and emerged sturdier. But, they have never surrendered to their plights. Such is the vigour of the modern era women. They have marked their presence everywhere- in the executive’s.

10 So-called People’s Men, Who Passed Embarrasing Comments on Rapes

The gender difference began ever since the commencement of time. After the Delhi gang-rape incident, many influential men gave strange comments that tempered us. Here is the list of all those men with their weird and unacceptable statements. 1. Asaram.

8 Brutal Crimes against Indian Women that had Stirred the Nation

The case of a 23-year old woman, thrashed and then gang-raped on a moving bus in Delhi, in December 2012, has stirred India. While this is the most recent incident that outraged the country, there are several other cases that.

Stop Killing the Innocence – Abortion in India

  Don’t ignore the topic! As our layman attitude has already contributed much in this context. We, as Indians, always preferred sons over daughters which led us to many disastrous situations.As per a recent report by the preliminary censuses, the.

Images: India Protesting Against Delhi Gang-rape

1. We  all are there with you. You are not alone ! Image source: 2. So what if I am a girl?  I have the right to shout, right to be angry, right to protest, right to speak my.

A Scornful Cry on the Barbaric Delhi Gang Rape

I’ve never felt worse before. And as much as I hate to admit this, no event of such a public scale (except for 26/11 and the Kargil War- which I was too young to register to my naive mind then).

Dowry in India: The Ugly Face of our Old Social Rituals

Starvation Or Intimidation? Is it about human desires, or hunger that has become the talk of the town? We can put it up in a simple term i.e. Dowry, which is undeniably one of the biggest perils for our culture..