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8 Safety Measures for Women to Take While Driving

It is said that a wrong turn can sometimes take you straight to the right track, but we should also keep in mind that a wrong turn of carelessness can take us to disastrous consequences as well. Especially if you.

10 Safety Tips to Follow While Working in the Kitchen

Kitchen is the only place in your household, where you have to take a lot of precaution as you deal with a lot of hazardous and inflammatory stuff in the kitchen. You must be really careful while handling things in.

Is Your Workplace Really Safe?

On 17th September, 2012 the Bombay High Court upheld the death sentence to two criminals: Purushottam Borate (cab-driver) and Pradeep Yashwant Kokade (Borate’s friend) for kidnapping, gang rape and murder of BPO employee, Jyotikumari, in 2007 in Pune. Jyotikumari was.

Crucial Safety Tips for Alone Women Drivers

One of my friends was travelling alone at night. On the way, she was pulled over by an unmarked vehicle with a flashing light. A person came out of that vehicle and asked her to step out from the car..

13 Safety Tips to Be Followed While Doing Online Chatting

When you get leisure time, what you like to do? What??Chatting…..!!! I also love to chat in spare time. Online chatting….a good way to exchange our views, stay in touch with friends and meet people who share similar interest with.

12 Tips for Safe Lodging

Wow! It’s great. You are going to Australia for celebrating your vacations! Means you have completely planned your journey. Have you any idea, where you will lodge there?? No idea….!! OMG! How can you forget to book a hotel in.

16 Safety Tips to Avoid Office Mishaps

“Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.” – Anonymous “Oh no, I’m again late today! Boss will surely yell at me!” And, in this worry and hurry you rush to your office. Honestly, tell me, how many times you have.

Tips for Safe Driving, from Women on Wheels

“Women are safer and better drivers than men.” I am not saying this, statistics reveals this truth. Take a look at given below statistics and you will believe me! AAMI (an insurance company) conducted a telephone survey of more than.

7 Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

“A woman travelling alone was robbed by 2 dacoits.” “A woman, who was travelling alone to Delhi, was gang raped by 4 persons.” ….. Newspaper remains cluttered with such news. Whenever I read these reports, a thought comes in my.

Are Single Moms in India Safe?

Yes, you may find multifaceted articles for suggesting the ways to revive their life, being in shape, controlling their child, step child and etc, etc. But, one of the noteworthy aspects still seems to be quite untouched. Maybe the title.