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11 Home Remedies to Treat Dog Acne

Human acne is quite a common sight. It usually affects adolescents and is sometimes found in adults as well. But did you know that your dog can also suffer from this problem? So if you’ve ever been troubled by them,.

Do Dogs have Umbilical Cords? Let’s Find Out!

Yes, just like humans, the dog’s fetus also has an umbilical cord. Present in the womb, it is vital for the pup’s development in the gestation period. Usually, it’s mother, who severs the cord herself, but if she doesn’t, it.

Peruvian Hairless Dogs: Know All about This Rarest Dog Breed!

Today, we will present you with all the information that you need about the Peruvian Hairless Dog under this one page. One characteristic that stands out is that it is a totally hairless breed. Read on to know everything about.

Top 10 Low Shedding Dog Breeds

We’ve heard many people say that they really adore dogs, but are either allergic to them or hate the dog hair that usually occupies the houses of those who have a canine family. Most people are susceptible to allergens, which.

15 Human Foods Your Dog Can Eat Safely

Your dog’s meal plays a key role in ensuring his good health. And since we all love our canine family, we must make sure that what they are eating does not cause any harm to them (imagine, the poor creatures.

The Most Effective Ways of Removing Ticks from Your Dog on Your Own

Ticks are terrible news. They are home to several diseases, which when transmitted to your dog can result in a number of illnesses or even death. They severely affect human health as well; therefore, it is very important that you.

How to Become a Good Dog Trainer?

Do you adore dogs? Do you like spending a lot of time with them? How about doing something that will be fun and a source of livelihood, as well? Exciting, right? Dog training, as such, is a very rewarding career.

How to Understand the Body Language of Your Dog

If you have a pet dog, we bet it’s one of the dearest things to you. In order to know your pup completely well, it is imperative to be aware of their body language. It helps you to assess their.

Super Cool and Stylish Doghouses

From truly unique to high-end, glance through these homes of some exceptionally lucky dogs. These are some expensive and stylish doghouses! You got to see it to believe it! Celebrity Brick Estate Dog House Alan Mowrer known for making the.

5 Health Problems No Dog Owner should Ignore!

Most dog owners treat their dogs like kids. They pay every attention to their health, happiness and well being. But, did you know that there are some problems which go unnoticed, no matter how detail oriented we are? We might.