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10 Tips to Titivate Your Kitchenette

“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” –         Louis Parrish There is a part in your home that is completely your domain. Guess what is that? Yes, it’s kitchen. Do you know how many years a.

10 Natural Ways to Decontaminate the Air in Your Home

The air inside your home is contaminated! Stunned? Heating equipments (like, chimneys, heaters, fireplaces and stoves), adhesives and glues, paints, electronic and plastic products, upholstered furniture, new carpets, broken fluorescent light, etc. emit volatile organic compounds, which affects the quality.

5 Easy DIY Drain Unclogger Ideas that are Sure to Work Wonders

Clogged drains are everyone’s nightmare. Not only do they smell horrendous (with all the strange, stale smells), but they also cause extreme annoyance when they disrupt and delay your routine with all that murk. The blocked drain then requires an.

10 Safety Tips to Follow While Working in the Kitchen

Kitchen is the only place in your household, where you have to take a lot of precaution as you deal with a lot of hazardous and inflammatory stuff in the kitchen. You must be really careful while handling things in.

7 Home Remedies to Combat Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, who can give you sleepless nights. They are common in warm areas and feed on blood. So, it’s very important to get rid of them before they infest all your furniture and mattresses. Bed bugs.

DIY: Upholstered Stool

Are those unused fabrics making you annoyed? Are you going to throw them away? If so, then wait…! I have an innovative idea for these fabrics. You can use it for creating a beautiful upholstered stool that perfectly matches your.

18 Amazing Things to Do with Coffee

The aroma of coffee beans is enough to tempt the most of us anytime! Isn’t it?  But, have you ever heeded other extraordinary uses of coffee? Here are some convincing reasons to remain stocked up. Next time don’t toss out.

10 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards

Lizards are a big nuisance for all of us. Though, lizards help us in reducing the population of nasty insects, but regardless this, we simply don’t want to see these uninvited guests in our house. Lizard repellents, available in the.

14 Home Remedies to Repel Mice

Pitter-patter of little feet, and droppings here and there in your house indicate that some intruders have made a way inside your home, and they need an immediate attention! Yes, I’m talking about mice. Evacuating your home from mice is.

10 Handy Home Remedies to Deal with Cockroaches

Cockroaches breed very quickly. So, if you have noticed one cockroach today, be quick to get it out of your home, fast. Otherwise, you might have several cockroaches in your house. Use the below given home remedies, before these annoying.