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30 Reasons Why Being A WOMAN ROCKS!

Whether being a woman or man, guy or girl, dude or chick, we all are awesome in different ways. But this is my call out for all the women of the world! Let us begin with the Reasons! 1. We.

The Superwoman of the Kargil War: Barkha Dutt

Barkha: As a Personality   Barkha Dutt, a renowned name, and the most versatile journalist of India. She is also active in TV Journalism and contributes as a columnist. She currently works as a group editor in NDTV. She also writes a.

8 Brutal Crimes against Indian Women that had Stirred the Nation

The case of a 23-year old woman, thrashed and then gang-raped on a moving bus in Delhi, in December 2012, has stirred India. While this is the most recent incident that outraged the country, there are several other cases that.

8 Most Shocking Photos of Delhi Protest

It’s heartbreaking to see the way some political groups are trying to exploit the emotions of general public attached with the Delhi gang rape case for their own good. The peaceful protest on 23rd was hijacked by some hooligans who.

Images: India Protesting Against Delhi Gang-rape

1. We  all are there with you. You are not alone ! Image source: 2. So what if I am a girl?  I have the right to shout, right to be angry, right to protest, right to speak my.

Interested to Know the Roots of Female’s Denunciation?

No matter, how much highly developed, we get in terms of technology, fashion and other attainments; keeping aside the success of  reaching the moon,we Indians, are still paranoid with our notions. We keep a record of every decree on-paper, yet.

Outrage of India at the Sickening Delhi Gang-rape Case.

The whole country is shattered about the Delhi gang rape case that happened a few days back. The unfortunate event that has sparked protests all over the country has also raised a glaring question mark on the integrity of women.

Once Again, A Gang Rape Stirs The Capital!

When the entire nation was busy in some or the other work to enjoy their weekends, again a shocking event in the capital has blown the peace of our minds. A 23-year-old para-medical student got brutally gang raped by five.

Ring The Bell (Ghanti Bajao) Movement…. Just One Step

Have you heard about it? No!!! No worries, we’re here to make you aware about this revolutionary movement that has stirred a ray of hope among millions and billions. Bell Bajao is an operation which advocates one and all to.

Feminism in India: Goddesses Being Trampled

For some, the title may seem like a dreary one or not much to talk about—– except female massacre, afflictions, dilemma and nothing else. Sure, we concur but, not in a monotonous way. And why we should not speak about.