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6 Mind Blowing Benefits of Sex that will Amaze You

What exactly happen when we think of sex?  Answer may be a lot! But, do you know about the benefits lie underneath? You may find this weird that sex leads our vigour, but it’s true! Have you ever imagined the.

4 Yoga Poses to Perk Up Your Sex Life

Yoga for sex? Really? If your sex life has gone from sizzle on the way to fizzle… You don’t have to flip pages of Kama sutra, to jazz up between the sheets. It’s the poses you assume outside your bedroom,.

The Orgasm-Guide: Everything you Always Wanted to Know about Orgasms

Orgasm is the biggest mystery to some and the ultimate craving for others. Be it a quickie, a first time, a romantic alliance or just friends with benefits, you want to end up in an orgasm. Some like the lasting.

Get the Lost Lust Back in your Bed

My dear lazy darlings, it’s time to move your butts, if you are looking to reboost your dull sex life. Learn the mantra to regenerate your lust (Yes, you heard right- “lust”, and that too in loads) and blow off.

Low Libido – Sex Hitches and Causes

Libido, which also means craving for sex or sex drive, varies severely from one person to another. It also shows a discrepancy depending on life circumstances and each person’s preferences. Libido can be affected by hormonal levels, medical conditions, relationship.