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20 Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn (Acidity)

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”   – George Bernard Shaw Your love for fast foods, cold drinks, or chocolates may put you in risk sometimes, and you might have to face several troubles like heartburn or.

5 Home Remedies to Cure the Hangover Blues

Veisalgia (medical terminology) or hangover is the situation, which arises when a person consume heavy amount of alcohol, and lose his/her mind. Hangover is not any disease, but a person feels sick from inside. Hangover is always disturbing. Read on.

Desi Nuskhe to Cure Gingivitis

Gingivitis or bleeding gums is a very common ailment. But, if not cared for timely, may turn serious and lead to tooth decay. Bleeding at the time of brushing, painful and swollen gums, inflammation in the mouth, bad taste and.

Learn 12 Desi Ways for Curing Thyroid Imbalance

Any imbalance in the thyroid hormone may result in either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. When thyroid gland becomes underactive and produces insufficient thyroid hormones, it causes hypothyroidism. Intolerance to cold, depression, weight gain, constipation, brittle nails and hair, stiffness in the.

How to Remove the Kidney Stones with Homemade Cure

Frequent desire to urinate….scarce urination….nausea….blood along with urine…..burning sensation during urination….abdominal pain….if you are suffering from these symptoms then be careful!….These are the indications of kidney stone. Accumulation of various salts, like uric acid, ammonium phosphate and calcium oxalate may.

9 Handy Tips to Get Rid of Cough and Cold

Cough and cold are the very common health problems, especially in winters. If you are confronting with sneezing, blocked or running nose, congestion, sore throat, body pain with low fever, headache or lethargy, then BE CARING! Try the following desi.

Here is How to Calm Your Upset Belly!

Stomach ache is the most common ailment. Some of the major causes of this disorder are indigestion, constipation, food poisoning, excessive gas, kidney stones, acidity, gallbladder inflammation, and ulcers.       Desi Nuskhe for Stomach Ache Here are some.

10 Most Common Faults Healthy People Make

“Mistakes are the growing pains of wisdom.”  – William Jordan You work out regularly and munch healthy food. It’s good!…Being healthy does not mean that you can never become prone to any disease in the future. To keep yourself always.