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7 Ways to Keep Your Anger in Control

Anger is something that is out of reach and out of anyone’s control. Everybody gets annoyed and irritated, and those emotions get converted into anger anytime. It is really hard to control your temperament in some situations in front of.

Top 10 Common Queries for Sleep Answered

A sound sleep is critical for mental and physical health, we all know! We are living in a sleep-deprived society, where each one of us struggles to get enough sleep.  Due to one or the other reason, we are heading.

I See the Unreal: Schizophrenia

Schizophrenics are the people, who suffer from a mental disorder. I this, it becomes hard for them to: Think clearly Act normally in the social situations Differentiate between real or unreal Response normally to the emotions Causes It is not.

Autism : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

It is a developmental disorder, in which the symptoms can be seen from the age of 3. The situation gets complicated with the growth in body. It affects the normal working of the brain and influences growth, and development of.

Attacked by the Anxiety Disorder?

If you are surrounded by constant and unnecessary worries about different events and activities, make sure that you are not suffering from Anxiety Disorder. It’s normal to become anxious under stressful situations. In recent time, people are anxious because of.

Is The Internet Becoming the Drug for Your Teen?

If you have a teenager at home who is glued to the computer screen most of the time, you need to pay attention now! A study has revealed that internet addiction dislocates the nerve wiring in the teenager’s brain. Now,.

15 Tips to Cope Up with Stress at Workplace

Stop Stressing and Start Living ! Feeling too much beleaguered? Lost your sleep? No concentration on your work? Lost interest in the work? Frustrated? Wait…. I am not telling you the symptoms of a disease! These are the stipulations which.