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13 Proven Home Remedies to Treat Menstrual Pain

Strolling along the beach, going out for a shopping spree or over a cup of coffee with your best amigo is what every girl enjoys doing. But, then there comes a few days during every month that makes her dull.

Menstruation: Early Onset – Cause for Celebration or…?

The first menstrual period of a little girl is called menarche, and in some cultures, it calls for a grand celebration. It is a special time in a girl’s life. But, in some cultures, instead of celebration, the girl is.

Menses Cycle: A Girl’s First Step into the Womanhood

Menstruation is an indication for every mother that their little girl is entering into another phase of life- womanhood. Some mothers get worried; some become happy, knowing the fact that their daughter is now growing up. It’s a sign, which.

How to Talk to your Young Girl about Menstruation?

The beginning of the menstruation is a significant event in the life of a girl. Some girls welcome their first drop of blood with relief or happiness, but for few the sight of blood is scary and makes them bewildered..

Embarrassment of Periods at School

When will I get my first period? That’s a real big question for young girls, who are expecting their first periods soon. The girls, who have just begun with their periods, also have the same problem. They are too young.

5 Ways to Ease Menstrual Cramps

Every women experience the menstrual cramps. Some suffer from less pain, and some, a bit more. Some girls lie down for all the day, holding the stomach. They roll on bed, cry, and shout in pain. It’s a story of.

9 Common Myths about Menstruation

Sameera called her boss and asked to leave for a day. Why? It’s the first day of her periods, and like any other normal girl, she too is feeling low and lethargic. She is not in the mood to attend.