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8 Easy Fitness Tips for Lazy Women

Jogs in the early morning and just peanuts for breakfast do not seem a viable option to boost health. Workout and dieting are too much!  Then what? Should we let our fitness go for a toss? Not at all! Following.

6 Effortless Tips to Reduce Weight in Children

Let’s be honest, and face, that nowadays obesity in children is at all time high. Too much fast food…too much TV…and too much video/computer games are taking toll on children’s health! Here are some great tips to motivate your kids.

5 Fitness Exercises you can Do Sitting at Your Desk

You spend around 9-10 hours at your desk each day. It seems that the life has become chair-based now, and it is causing havoc on your body. Don’t let your sedentary job take toll on your health.  Make fitness at.

Yoga: Your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Part 3

Hello ladies! How are you all doing? Are you already burdened with mid-week worries and work load? Do not panic as weekend is around the corner, and malls and markets are flooded with sale. And for a girl, the best.

Dieting or Balanced Diet: Which is Better Way to Reduce Weight?

Diet is essentially an important aspect to reduce weight since diet regulates your calorie intake. Diet along with workout is the perfect way to lose those stubborn KGS from the targeted areas. But before discussing the proper diet, let us.

Yoga: Your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Part 2

How are you doing? I hope you had a lot of in ‘right information’ from my last article on Yoga and weight loss. Now, as you know about obesity and its occurrences, we are good to go further with our.

Yoga: Your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Part 1

The word Yoga originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ that means union, union of the self consciousness with the universal consciousness. Yoga is not just about physical practice of asanas or spirituality. It is simply the medium to become an.

How to Use an Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer is the standard exercise equipment found in most of the gyms. It is unique because it’s a hybrid of a stepper, cross-country skier, bike, and treadmill, which moves your legs in an elliptical pattern, i.e., elongated oval.

8 Steps to Achieve the Best from Your Workouts

You are working out rigorously on a daily basis, and still not achieving the maximum results; it is not something that you expected, right?  I am going to tell you some steps, through which you can maximise your workout and.

A 7 Day Body Conditioning Workout for Women

The strength and balance of your body tissue greatly depends on the amount of physical exercise you undertake each week. These exercises increase the fitness of your body by muscle building, elevating organ efficiency and burning unwanted fat. Muscle Conditioning.