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Know Benefits and Side Effects of Botox

Like every other woman, you are also burdened with lots of responsibilities to take care of. No matter, how organized you are; it is really hard for you to take out few moments in a day for yourself, when you.

Say NO to Hazardous Health Trends

Women are very particular about their appearance. Who is not? All of us are wishful for beautiful, young and gorgeous skin. We try new and advanced health techniques, such as new workouts, feeding on organic food and many other things.

Possible Cosmetic Surgeries

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has become a culture. The demand for facial and body surgeries is on surge.  It is a means of not only altering image of our body but also shaping our psyches. The psyche reshapes when the body.

Side Effects of Various Cosmetic Surgeries

Are you thinking of surgery of any of your body parts? It is better you first analyse the side effects associated with each type of cosmetic surgery before heading the clinic. We accept, cosmetic surgery can do miracles and provide.

Fat Removal Surgeries

Do unsightly protuberances and poorly fitting clothing frustrate you? Now it won’t be disturbing to you anymore. Advancements in technology and techniques have made it possible now. You are living in an age where it is possible for you to.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Good for Me?

Can you notice the change? Of course, you can. This wonder is a result of a cosmetic surgery. Now-a-days, millions of people- both female and male choose to undergo the surgery to improve their physical appearances.  There was a time.

6 Top Flop Cosmetic Surgeries of B-town

Going under the knife is as common among our Bollywood actresses as among Hollywood actresses. To take the help of surgery to make their faces look more beautiful is a common practice among celebrities. Sadly, surgery always doesn’t turn out the way they want.

Natural Beauties, No More Natural

Remember the natural beauties of 80’s, where makeup was the only factor to look beautiful? Gone are the days! The new generation of B-Town, has dominated the Bollywood with the new trend. Read on to know, how? She is the one,.