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7 Effective Home Remedies to Cure Scabies

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body. It gets infected, bruised and wounded, as it comes in contact with harmful external factors and shields your internal organs. Many times, skin infections get transmitted from one person to another.

10 Helpful Home Remedies to Treat Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is a North American plant, which is very poisonous and produces urushiol- a liquid compound created within the plants’ sap, which causes irritation, itching, and a painful rash in people who come in contact with it. It can.

7 Tips to Get Rid of Eczema in Kids

Eczema is common among children. This allergy is caused due to dust mites, pollens, woollen clothing, some foods, pollution, bacterial infection, detergents and soaps. It is difficult for a child to cope up with this allergy. As a parent, you.

8 Tips to Outwit Your Allergies

“Every season can be an allergy season, depending on what you’re allergic to.”   –Clara Chung Do you have chronic reactions to dust, smoke, pollen or food? If so, it sounds allergic in nature. What to do about it? Don’t mull.

Top 8 Asthma Triggers and Ways to Shun Them

Asthmatic people have sensitive nasal passage. Certain allergens can trigger asthma or exacerbate the existing symptoms. Here, we have  8 allergens that can actuate asthma, and some ways to keep them away from society. 1. Smoke Smoke from a cigar,.

Food Allergy or Food Intolerance- Check It!

“About 20 percent of the population believe themselves to have a food allergy and only about five percent actually do.”–John Warner Food intolerance and allergy both cause vomiting, stomach ache, diarrhoea and nausea. Food intolerance is sometimes misinterpreted as food.

Allergy Respite Kit: Contrivance Against Allergy

Be prepared to brawl allergy anytime with your “allergy respite kit”! Always keep it with you. What to be included in it? I am here with some suggestions. Inhaler or Bronchodilators Going to a trip with your family and suddenly.

Are You Allergic?

Coughing and sneezing….itching in eyes….running of nose….rashes on skin….swelling of lips!….means ALLERGY! Our immune system is our ‘Raksha Kavach’ that inhibits the entry of foreign intruders in our body. If you are allergic to some substance, your immune system is.

Allergy: Learn the Warning Signs

How will you know whether you are allergic to any substance?? Your body gives you some warning signs when you come in contact with the allergen. Here are some symptoms: Insect Bite When an insect bites, your body exhibits 3.

8 Most Commonly Found Allergic Diseases

In the present scenario, allergy is a very common problem. In this article, I have included information about some of the allergic diseases: Asthma Shortness of breath, coughing, tightness in the chest, seasonal changes and wheezing are the symptoms of.