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26 Most Awkwardly Embarrassing Facebook Conversations Ever, No. 4 is My Favorite !

A vacation, a new dress, new boyfriend, breakups, hookups… Facebook seems to be the right place to empty your heart out. But sometimes it gets too out of bound… ah well! Weird people! Right? But isn’t that the perfect recipe.

7 Tips That Will Make You Feel Better about Yourself

Thick and thin situations are a part of everyone’s life.  You often come across certain people and situations that make you feel very low and hatred about yourself. You never realize your good qualities but always stick to the negative.

What Your Sleeping Posture Says About You?

Sleeping poses differ from person to person. Your sleeping position says a lot about your personality. Shocked? But, it’s true. Know your sleeping posture and reveal your persona! 1. On Your Back People sleeping on their back own following traits:.

7 Ways to Keep Your Anger in Control

Anger is something that is out of reach and out of anyone’s control. Everybody gets annoyed and irritated, and those emotions get converted into anger anytime. It is really hard to control your temperament in some situations in front of.

Indian Wedding Video: You will Start Believing in Fairytales after Watching

Wedding is indeed a singular event in one’s life and that has to be celebrated on grand scale. Since childhood, every boy dreams of celebrating his wedding with utmost regalia where he will be treated like a king, while every.

Know 4 Types of Facial Wrinkles and Their Cure

Aging is something that is inevitable and we have to face it as it comes. However, we can control the signs of ageing and clock them to an extent, at least when it comes to facial wrinkles. Today, I am.

9 Causes of Stress that Makes Your Life Miserable

We all get fascinated by modernism and contemporary lifestyles. Globalization has certainly changed the whole scenario of India, be it everything from jobs to dressing to living. It is good to become modern and keep pace with the moving world,.

Lipstick Bail Bonds: The One of a Kind Bail Bond Agents!

Operating in California, USA, Lipstick Bail Bonds is a bail bond company, which has attracted attention for its extraordinary characteristics. But let us first elaborate on what a bail bond agent or company does. Any person/corporation that acts as a.

7 Sure Shot Tips to Help You Beat the Monday Blues

“Work hard, party harder” is a saying that sure sounds fun, but how can one party at all when all that is lurking in one’s mind, on the weekend, is the ordeal of the dreaded Monday?! Everyone loves their days.

Attention! The Guys Who Call Themselves Metrosexuals!

Lately, I’ve been feeling that we, the fairer sex have got the guys confused about what and how they should look! Let’s face it; we are a little spooked by our men’s turning into salon sluts!  “I believe in taking.