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Top 10 Indian Television Shows for This Week

Hey, all you people out there! Another week has started, and it’s time to evaluate the performance of Indian television series. Today, I am going to reveal this week’s countdown and performance of daily soaps. Let’s see, which series has.

Top 10 Indian Television Shows for October 2013

Hello ladies! Yet another countdown has begun to analyze and assess the performance of Indian television shows. The time when TRPs of shows are revealed is probably the most anticipated period of the month. Last month saw the drastic ups.

Aramaan Kohli: The Nuisance Creator in the Bigg Boss 7

Tuesday proved to be ‘nothing is well’ day for Bigg Boss house and its inmates.  As the inmates are getting acquainted with each other, they are picking up more fights rather than getting along with each other. Tuesday began with.

Bigg Boss 7 Eliminations for Week 6

Bigg Boss is getting on a more surprising and interesting note as days are passing by. Recently, it was quite shocking to see Shilpa Agnihotri moving out of the house. It was quite unexpected as it was being said that.

Meet the Confirmed Couples of Nach Baliye 6

Nach Baliye is another reality show that enthralls us every year with terrific dancing and glamorous couples with the non-dancing backgrounds. This year isn’t and exception and will be witnessing couples from television, along with some fresh and new faces..

Bigg Boss 7: An Exciting Twist on the Show

Controversies, drama, romance, backstabbing, and bitching are some of the traits that one can witness in the Bigg Boss house every year. Besides, creative heads and producers come up with a new and significant twist during the show. Bigg Boss.

Tanisha Mukherjee: An Agony Aunt or a Controversy Creator?

As the days are unfolding in the Bigg Boss house, people are revealing their real side on the show. Many seemed to be a positive and caring characters on day 1, but now the same faces have become two faced.

Bigg Boss 7 Nominations for Week 5

It seems like drama has no mood to stop inside the Bigg Boss house. With every passing week, controversies and quarrels are taking a more hostile shape. But don’t panic because drama, arguments, and controversies make Bigg Boss what it.

4 Strongest Contestants to Win the Bigg Boss 7 Trophy

No matter how much controversies they show, no matter how much people crib about the show, they still watch it and enjoy every moment of it. Many think that Bigg Boss is a scripted show and contestants fight inside just.

12 Bigg Boss Contestants and Their Journey So Far

Have you ever experienced ‘Jannat Ka Wow’ and ‘Jahanum Ka Aao’ visually? Bigg Boss 7 is the perfect show to take you around the heaven and the hell virtually, with its new theme for the season. The theme for Bigg.