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26 Most Awkwardly Embarrassing Facebook Conversations Ever, No. 4 is My Favorite !

A vacation, a new dress, new boyfriend, breakups, hookups… Facebook seems to be the right place to empty your heart out. But sometimes it gets too out of bound… ah well! Weird people! Right? But isn’t that the perfect recipe.

15 Surprising Facts that You May be Hearing for the First Time

I love to read and collect amazing facts. It has always been a great delight for me to discover something that bends my intellectual capacity. Here, I am sharing some of the startling facts that you may be hearing for.

15 Animals that Can Cheer You Up!

1.  Haathi….mera sachcha saathi! 2.   We are sailing in the same boat my brother….my girlfriend is also uptight with me! 3.  Hello ma’am! It’s my tongue….not your hanky. 4.  Come on! I can’t wait to receive a special hug.

It Happens Only in India

1.   So what if I am little??? I have conquered the whole world! 2.   Hey guys, I am not an “aisa waisa” BEGGAR! Meet me; I am a technology savvy of great India! 3.   Hum hain naye.

Facial Expressions of Bigwigs that will Make You Smile!

1. My beauty is not in a facial mode, it’s reflected in my soul! 2. My happiness seems no bound! 3. Hey guys! Do you like my poses? 4. My special appearance! 5. Don’t try to become Bipasha! 6. This.

Funny Female Avatars of Bollywood Actors

Bollywood’s actors donning female’s attire is nothing new. Earlier also, the B-town actors would often take up woman roles. Let’s have a look at the hunky heartthrobs of Bollywood, who made the viewers to laugh with their funny lady avatars..

A Sad Love Story that will Make You Laugh!

Everybody ask me one question- Why I started smoking??? Well friends, I was not like this! I was like this….studious….and believed in living life to the fullest. One day, I saw a beautiful girl and lost my heart to her…..

Wife Sued by the Husband for Being ‘Ugly’

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This wasn’t the case with a man, from the Northern China. A Chinese man named, Jian Feng sued and divorced his wife for being ugly. This man was so much.

20 Most Weirdest and Yucky Ice Cream Flavors

“ICE CREAM”, the name is enough to bring water in your mouth. Isn’t it? I know everybody loves to eat ice creams. Which one is your favorite flavor? Chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry or mango? But, do you mind having some.

Amul Butter’s Funny Bollywood Connection

We all love Amul Butter, and off course, we love the Amul ads that we see on the hoardings by the roadside. I agree that cute little girl tying a ponytail and wearing polka dotted frocks is the longest running.