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8 Most Mysterious Places from the Globe to Fuel the Traveler Within You!

For a traveler, the whole world is a mystery which he constantly tries to sort but what about the places that actually hold a mystifying puzzling side to them. Isn’t that a place you’d never ever want to miss on.

Bagel Head : Japan’s New Eerie Fashion Trend

I admit trends are weird sometimes but this is SO-FREAKING-EERIE! Bagel head is the new trend in Japan which people are using to beautify (seriously?) their appearances and look a lil delicious (alien-ish, I say). Basically, the look is achieved.

The Modern-day Dr. Dolittle-Kevin Richardson!

Yes our childhood hero Dr. Dolittle who could talk to the animals is back (with a more practical approach). Kevin Richardson from South Africa, holds a reserve near Johannesburg. The young enthusiast has researched on animal behaviour for 11 years..

Human Barbie Doll: Mystery Resolved!

Internet sensation Valeria Lukyanova also known as the human Barbie has yet again proved that beauty has reached some impossible standards! Impossible and bizarre! [SlideDeck2 id=10063] So who is human Barbie? Valeria Lukyanova from Russia emerged as a YouTube sensation,.

5 Horrifying Real Life Stories you’ll Never Forget!

1.      In 1890’s, a man dug up the grave of his daughter to burn her heart thinking that she is a vampire! This story looks like right out from some episode of the vampire diaries but this actually happened in.

A Dead Alien Found in Siberia, So are they Real?

After a month and a half of the alleged UFO crash in the Irkutsk region, Siberia a dead alien was found in a nearby region. The video was supposed to be shot by the soviet government for research reasons and.

Adult Diapers – New Trend! Are you Kidding me???

So here Japan surprises us again! A spa magazine of Japan recently came up with an article about the increasing masculinity in the women. Okay, so the ‘slob’ behavior in the women is on a boom nowadays. They refuse to.

9 Month Old Babies Swimming like Pros! Parents Astonished and So are We!

They can’t walk. They can’t talk. Can’t even stand, but they can swim like pros! Meet William and Ellie.  They are 9 months old and perfectly normal, until you put them into a pool. They are extraordinary in water. Swimming on their backs.

8 Spine-tingling Haunted Forests and the Tale Behind them!

Bloodcurdling demons, negative vortexes and screaming lovelorn spirits roaming in the forests! Now that sounds like some good, spooky adventure? We’ve all heard tales of forest ghosts and that too quite convincing. Strange noises, rustling of leaves, outlandish structures and.

Whale Imitating Human Voice!!!… And I Thought It Was Just Parrots!

 If you thought only birds could imitate human voice, its time you get your facts corrected! Scientists have found that whales (ya, u read it right!) can also imitate human voice. A beluga whale which was captive at the National.