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5 Peculiar Churches: Do They Exist?

Everyone thinks, whether God exists or not. Well! I am not going to answer right now. But, I am going to show you some bizarre designs of churches. Let’s start the countdown… 1. The Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik, Iceland Here.

7 Yucky Gourmets: You would Love to Puke at

Once I had read somewhere, ‘one woman’s nightmare is another woman’s delicacy’. I know that the world is very big, and in this huge world, you will come across different kind of people, with different taste. Here, I have come.

7 Deadliest Lakes around the Globe

I am a nature lover, and love to explore the world. The lurking beauty attracts many heads, do you agree with me? Do you also think, the divine and beautiful lakes give some reconciliation? But what if these beauties turn.

13 Weird Facts about Our Body that will Surprise You

Human body is a mystery, which is hard to clunk. We are discussing few creepy facts of our own body, which will make your head bewildered with thoughts. People, you are advised to hold your breath, and get started. 1..

30 Happiest Facts of All Times That Will Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy

Here are 30 facts that are sure to leave you smiling. You need this to help you know that this world still is a happy, shiny, lovely place. 1. If you fake laughing for a considerable amount of time, you’ll.

30 Undeniable Facts Those are Both Funny and True

There are some things that are unique to each one of us. But then there are some facts that are universally applicable. We’re all guilty of them or at least know half a dozen people who would be a part.

25 Wildlife Pictures That Are Purely Breathtaking

Wildlife photography is no small task. It requires a sharp eye, a steady hand, an eye for detail and perhaps, plenty of luck. After all, you cannot instruct animals to pose according to your whims and fancies. Here are 25.

21 pictures that made our stomach drop

This article should come with one of those WWE warnings, “whoever you are, whatever you do, please don’t try this at home”. And you’ll know why? Not only are the people in the pictures incredibly brave, they got us feeling.

Life Jacket For a Pet Fish That Could Not Swim

Here’s a story that reinstated our faith in humanity. Einstein, a pet fish, developed a disease which stopped him from doing what he did best, i.e., swimming! So Leighton Naylor, his owner, made him a life jacket that brought him back to.

10 Hilarious Posters Of Husband and Wife

1. Do opposites attract? Naah! Repel 2. Now, this is what called “the stupid sixth sense”! Safe landing lady! 3. Wishes do come true Think and ask next time! 4. Blessing in disguise! Hope she triggers the gun today! 5..