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26 Most Awkwardly Embarrassing Facebook Conversations Ever, No. 4 is My Favorite !

A vacation, a new dress, new boyfriend, breakups, hookups… Facebook seems to be the right place to empty your heart out. But sometimes it gets too out of bound… ah well! Weird people! Right? But isn’t that the perfect recipe.

Odd Beauty Products to Enhance Your Beauty

Do you know the strange story behind the products, lying as a part of your vanity box? Decades ago, when there were no departmental stores, people used to make beauty products at home. They tend to use certain elements, obtained.

Wife Sued by the Husband for Being ‘Ugly’

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This wasn’t the case with a man, from the Northern China. A Chinese man named, Jian Feng sued and divorced his wife for being ugly. This man was so much.

20 Most Weirdest and Yucky Ice Cream Flavors

“ICE CREAM”, the name is enough to bring water in your mouth. Isn’t it? I know everybody loves to eat ice creams. Which one is your favorite flavor? Chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry or mango? But, do you mind having some.

Another from the Japanese: Square Watermelons!

I think Japan could be renamed into the weird-land.  Most of the weird things we hear and see are from Japan. They grow square watermelons. These watermelons are grown into a square glass box to give them the desired shape..

Hey Jelly Fish! Stay away from the Shores, You Might Evaporate!

Do you remember how Will Smith tortures himself to death, with the help of a jelly fish in Seven Pounds? Well! Yes, jelly fishes can be that intimidating when they are in water, but you’ll be surprised to know the.

Sony’s Camcorders that Could See Through People’s Clothes! No Kidding!

Yes! You heard it right! It happened back in 1998. And, it wasn’t a malfunction in a couple of cameras; there were 7, 00,000 of those cameras with a technology that could see right through your clothes. The camcorders had.

Man Wrestles a 7 Foot Shark to the Shore with Bare Hands!

Have you ever heard of this shark wrestling man? No, we are not talking about some fictional character. Elliot Sudal has this amusing hobby of wrestling sharks with bare hands. See for yourself! On 14th July, Elliot went to the.

10 Utterly Stupid Products Ever Made!

World is a crazy place, full of weird people. You would believe me after seeing these 10 bizarre inventions, made by dim-witted people. We don’t know what they had in mind, while inventing these ridiculous products. Take a look –.

Surreal Self Portraits by the 14 Year Old Little Wonder!

While most teenagers enjoy the carefree phase of life, some make us wonder about how age has nothing to do with potential. One such example is the new internet sensation, Zev, more popularly known with his pet name – “Fiddle.