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10 Sure-fire Tips to Look Photogenic

Are you PHOTOPHOBIC? Do you hate being clicked by anyone? Do you always finish up looking like a dork in every photo? Do you untag yourself in each picture, tagged by your friend? Well, some people are naturally photogenic; they.

10 Uses of Baby Powder that will Surprise You

What comes to your mind, when you think of a ‘Baby Powder’? Obviously, it’s a handy product to soothe diaper rash and sweat of your baby, so that your lil champ can feel fresh, the whole day. But, there are.

Your Shoes Describe Who You Are

Several women have an obsession for shoes whereas some buy them to increase their collection, others for necessity, while others for show off. But do you know that the shoes you buy, describe your personality. Yes, that’s right; the footwear.

The Prettiest Neon Lace Necklace DIY!

Let’s do something out of the box today, once again! We have made earlier ‘DIY necklace with ringlets’ which was unquestionably a fresh idea. This time, we have come up with another super cool initiative to make a unique necklace.

5 Tips To Help you Wear Sequins in the Daytime

If you love bling, but fear looking over the top, we can help you strike the right balance, and enjoy what you love wearing best. Many of us prefer wearing sequins and shimmer in the evening, and do enjoy taking.

Blue or Black! What Is Your Color To Impress Your Boss?

You have tied your hair, put on a decent perfume, worn mirror cracking shoes and you are off for your interview. Have you forgotten to notice something important while you were getting ready for the interview? What is it? Is.

5 High Heel Horrors to Health

  Spools, stilettos, cones and wedges are a conerstone of every woman’s closet. Be it a matinee show, date or a dinner party… all you need is to team up your black dress with a sexy stiletto and you feel.

Digital Perfection: Read the Truth of Perfect Magazine Girls

A porcelain complexion, no pores, no wrinkles, perfect hair and the toned body! Just like the magazine cover girl! Is that what you dream of? Last night I was watching this talk show in which 4 of our bollywood faces.

How To Team Your Neon ?

Deciding what to wear with that one vibrant color can be quite a daunting task. Wearing neon on your neon cannot be pulled off on the more casual days. And no matter how we wish each day to be a day on.

The Fashion Formula

You don’t have to show off everything in your closet all at once. People would appreciate your sense of style (and you’d love yourself even better) if you flaunted each piece differently, on a different day and did not clutter.