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Complete Your Traditional Look with These 14 Ethnic Footwears That are Too Cool to Resist.

With Diwali waiting down the corner, our minds are already racing around to pick the perfect look. Traditional dresses have their own charm, so, we have zeroed upon the ethnic look for this Diwali. After all, nothing says festivals better.

Summer-ify Your Shoe Collection With These Warm Weather Flat Sandals !

Sky-high heels are grand, but it’s flats we reach for on warm summer days. These 25 pairs will will keep your feet firmly on the ground-and looking pretty. Shop for your favorite! 1.  Qupid LANA-304 Metallic Ankle Strap Gladiator Flat.

Your Shoes Describe Who You Are

Several women have an obsession for shoes whereas some buy them to increase their collection, others for necessity, while others for show off. But do you know that the shoes you buy, describe your personality. Yes, that’s right; the footwear.

Bedazzle with Jimmy Choo Summer Metallic Collection

Jimmy Choo is a Malaysia based fashion designer and founder of Jimmy Choo Ltd. Jimmy Choo is highly acclaimed all over the world for its handmade women’s footwear. Jimmy Choo Ltd. was founded in 1996 by the designer Jimmy Choo,.

30 Bling Shoes That Leave us Starry Eyed!

I am a  big  fan of bling, and I am pretty sure, there must be many to accompany me in my bling frenzy ! So here, following  my heart, I have handpicked my favorite bling shoes that are sure to.

15 Fantastic Pairs of Shoes for the Perfect Wedding Day

After picking up the gorgeous wedding dress, the correct choice of wedding shoe is the one that comes to complete your bridal looks. Here, we bring to you the collection of stunning bridal shoes that look and fit perfect. Single.

30 Gorgeous Shoes We Wish Belonged to Our Closet

Shoes are girls’ best friends. And all of us wish for more of such friends. We compiled a list of all those lovely looking footwear that got us thinking, how we’d trade anything to have them. Take a look. 1..

20 Best Online Shoes for you to Buy this Month!

1.  Carlton London Pumps: Brown Leopard Print  Site available on: Myntra Price : INR 3,495 Product Code: 115598 Link to purchasing: Buy leopard print pumps here 2.  Catwalk Pink Moccassins Site available on: Myntra Price: INR 1, 495 Product code: 51754.

30 Dazzling Red Heels that will Make You Weak on Your Knees

Love red ? We bet, you do ; that’s why you are here ! 🙂 Hold your breath ladies, for the 30 stunning red heels, that are drop-dead gorgeous ! Let’s see if you can stop yourself from falling in.

5 Care Tips For Your High End Designer Shoes

You’ve spent a fortune on those designer shoes, and you already see them getting worn and torn. Don’t fret; here are a few simple tips, to keep your shoes looking newer than new. 1. Re-sole them: Leather soles look gorgeous.