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20 Chic Handbags to Buy Online !

The new season is upon us and that only means one thing: time for some new arm candy. We’ve hunted down the best handbags for you. Shop for your favourite ! 1.  Michael Kors Hamilton Large EW Tote Navy/White Price: $388.00.

8 Vintage Accessories for Your Awesome Hair

Do you want to give extra edge to your everyday hair style? If yes, a lot of hair accessories are available for you to add glamour to your gorgeous strands. If you intend to use them daily, go for simple.

Braid Your Own DIY Sparkling Corset Belt

Are you going to a party? After searching every nick and corner of your wardrobe, do you find nothing except that plain top? Wait….wait…Don’t drop your plan to attend the party! I have a very good idea to make your.

DIY Make Your Own Chunky Beaded Hoop Earrings

Summer season is still is on its peak, and so is the fashion of colourful Beaded Hoop Earrings. No doubt, Fuchsia and Turquoise beads are perfect summer colours for making these pretty earrings. You can make them even with dark-coloured.

DIY: 5 Easy Steps to Make Elegant Bow Earrings

Weekends call for the extra fun and gossip with your friends and family. Some of you go out for a short holiday while some just relax and have cozy times with their loved ones. I know that many of you.

DIY: Create Your Own Pair of Origami Leaf Earrings & Feel Pretty

If you are aware of the art of origami, you would surely like to make a good use of it. Origami is nothing but a Japanese art of folding paper into different types of decorative shapes and figures. Used as.

DIY Colourful Stud Button Earrings

Yes, girls love wearing small stud earrings! Not because it gives a simple and casual look, but it also goes with every outfit, be it just jeans and t-shirt or even a pretty traditional dress. It’s also true that we.

DIY Gorgeous Key Neckpiece

This DIY is like a dream come true. Not only it is highly creative and trendy, it is extremely easy to carry out too. It enables you to make chic jewelry out of old keys, and is super duper easy.

DIY Bling Party Clutch

If you love bling, crystals and anything that is larger than life, you, my girls, are at the right place. The ‘totally in trend’ but ‘burning a hole in your pocket’ kind of bags can now be crossed away from.

DIY: Safety Pin Bracelet

Hello all the creative and talented girls and ladies! It is rightly said that God has bestowed creativity and skills in every human being. It is just that you need to realize it and make the most out of it..