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11 Steps to Beat Bullying: Say ‘No’ and Knock Off The Bullies at Workplace!

It is easier for mean colleagues to consider their workplace as a battleground, which are just career oriented. In order to achieve all what they yearn, they’re ready to go to any extent. Being professional doesn’t exemplify being inhumane. Rising.

How a Working Mom can Regain the Lost Charm of her Family

Being a working mother, you always feel that you miss those moments and charm which you want to cherish throughout your life.However, your work doesn’t allow you to get that time back again. You cater to all the utmost requirements.

Lady Get your-“SELF” Back

So Ladies, do you remember the moments when you applied various cosmetics, done hair-dos, and indulged in latest trends  every time you head out of your house.It seems like those cherished days have been replaced with lunch packing, diaper changing and.