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9 Steps to Flourish Self-Employment

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”  – Bill Cosby Everyone can’t be self-employed. As compared to traditional job, being self-employed is riskier.  People engaged in their own employment generate income.

From Bollywood Babes to Business Professionals

B-town girls, Sushmita, Twinke, Shilpa and many more have blurred the lines between business and bollywood. Besides acting, these babes also earned a great fame in their business. Here is the list of actresses, who turned business women and are.

8 Tips to Emerge as a Victorious Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is a person who can spot and grab opportunities, possess the creativity for innovation, the ability to take risks and insistence to convert concepts into a business.  Do you see a good entrepreneur in you? Are you also endeavoring.

Wining Tale of Mompreneurship

I would like to start my article with an example of a woman who started her business eight years back from now, when her son was born. During all these years, she kept her business small. She holds no regret.

Why Women Fail to live their Entrepreneurial Dreams

It is  a societal failure to have reduced number of ‘Female Entrepreneurs’, when both  women and men are alike in many respects – level of education, expertise in the field, access to financing and work experience. We find women outnumbering.

Climb the Ladder of Success Holding Arm’s with Your Better Half

Relationships are not easy, they are hard! These relationships become even harder when you try to move from being an employee to entrepreneur. People love their business, work for longer hours, and give their physical and emotional efforts to see.

Explore the brilliance of being a Productive Entrepreneur

Pressure…pressure… and just pressure! Hundreds of things to do and all are to be done at the same time! Time appears inadequate. The challenge can be overcome only by making yourself PRODUCTIVE. To become a successful entrepreneur and make your.

Cut-Out Questions to Venture with Your Life Partner

If you happen to marry a person who is also an entrepreneur at heart just like you, then at some point two of you might think of starting your own business venture together. Your married life may be sound, going.

Career Tips from Female Corporate Leaders

Vinita Bali, Jayashri Ramamurti, Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar….and the list goes endless! I am sure, you all are known to these renowned personalities. Some of these prominent ladies might be a source of inspiration for many of you. These women.

To make you a Perfect Wedding Guide

Do you enjoy weddings, passionate about helping others to plan their weddings? If yes, this lucrative and exciting career in wedding planning could be yours. You can convert your hobby into a profession and do something that fascinates you……you enjoy.