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Modeling: The Most Fascinating and Demanding Career Option

What comes in your mind, when you think about modelling as a career option? If I am not wrong, the initial things that springs in your brain are fashion, glamour and money. Most of you may want to pursue your.

10 Best Educational Courses for Women in India

Education is integral to one’s growth and development. It not only changes one’s perspective in life, for good, but also widens one’s horizons. The most encouraging educational courses for women are listed below: 1. Journalism and Mass Communication Journalism and.

How To Sharpen Your Skills In English

Be it any competitive exam or a normal job interview, one thing you are always judged on is your command over English skills. You are a student, a job seeker, or a house-wife, you always search for an effective way.

Interesting Facts about Education in India

There has been always a major drawback of Education system in India. What surprising is that our country has built IIMs, IITs, law schools, and academic institutes, yet the students in our country who score 90 % marks, find it.

Top 10 Distance Education Universities in India

Do you want to continue your education without quitting your current job? If so, correspondence courses or distance learning programs are the best alternatives for you. However, these courses are not as effective as full-time courses but will definitely assist.

Management Education in India

Every MBA aspirant wants to get employed in a Multinational company, to earn a handsome salary. The Management Education System in India is more or less divided into 4 groups. The top group consists of highly reputed University Departments and.

Top 20 MBA Colleges in India

To study in a top MBA College is a dream of thousands of students all across the globe. In India, every year there are many examinations i.e. CAT, MAT, GMAT held for students, to get admissions in some of the.

5 Most Popular Online Courses in India

Juggling between job and education? Want to reach on new heights in your profession, but no time for updating your skills? The only solution of all these problems is online courses. Online education is also termed as e-learning or distance.

India’s Top 20 Engineering Colleges

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur tops the chart when we discuss the topmost engineering colleges in India. According to a survey conducted by India Today, IIT-Kanpur stands first on the chart when compared to other engineering colleges. The world.

10 Major Education Problems in India

“Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame.” –         Socrates  India has made amazing achievement in the economic sector. No doubt, the impact of this growth is also seen in the education sector and.