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8 Benefits of Being an Occupational Therapist

Choosing a career of Occupational Therapist has many benefits. It not only offers an attractive salary, but it is also fulfilling career that offers an opportunity to work will all age group people. Benefits 1. Career Growth OT career is.

Modeling: The Most Fascinating and Demanding Career Option

What comes in your mind, when you think about modelling as a career option? If I am not wrong, the initial things that springs in your brain are fashion, glamour and money. Most of you may want to pursue your.

6 Highly Demanding Careers in Finance

Post 2008 economic crisis, the job market experienced a great setback. The global meltdown affected the financial sector, the most. Now, as the market conditions have improved, the demand of finance professionals has also increased. Generally, the jobs in this.

Top 10 Colleges in India for Fashion Designing

India has emerged as a solid contender in fashion designing, in the recent years. The fashion industry is undergoing brisk change at global pace. The traditional, contemporary, and fusion of both designs has proved the capabilities of this country and.

5 Highest Paying Jobs that Don’t Need a Degree

Have you completed your schooling?…What are you doing now-a-days? I know most of you are searching for a good institution, to earn a degree. In order to apply to various jobs, college degree is a pre-requisite for   getting better jobs..

Women Bartenders- Tricks of the Trade and How to be One

Women bartenders? Tell me, what is the first thing that crosses your mind when you read this word? A hot chick who’s not too high on morals. Well, you got the first part right. But with the latter? Thanks, but.

Weirdest, but Paid Jobs

The idea of so called “DREAM JOB” often rolls around in our heads. The thought of a perfect job crosses our mind when we find the passion missing in our current job. After all, what is exactly the dream job?.

Dine With Your Dream Job

    ‘Dream career’ means different to different people. What does it mean to you? To some of you, it means an opportunity, challenge, work-life balance, autonomy and an ethical work culture. While for others, a healthy compensation package, having.

Career in Equation with your Dream

Hope, you’ve got the answer to “What is your dream job?” by now. For long term satisfaction, landing on the right career is important. Job doesn’t remain a burden if you love it. To live a dream career, you need.

Click the Charm with a Single Photo

You’re creative and imaginative. Photography is your hobby that supersedes rest all your hobbies. A ripple of thrill surrounds when you think of displaying your photographic art to others. If it’s so then your passion of photography can offer you.